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The Central Diamond Center has been designing rings for moms for 30 years!! I am going to be 30 next year y’all, so we know this means they are experienced and wise in what they do! They are committed to creating exceptional mothers pendants, rings and earrings at affordable prices.

These pieces are exquisite! And every mother has to have jewelry with her kid’s or grandkid’s gemstones it’s a right of passage in motherhood. I cannot wait to get mine in the mail and review it here on the blog! Check out the link below to learn more and see all their pieces!


Peace, love, and happiness to all!

1st Day of School!


Summer is this amazing time for the kids of course! No school, no bedtime….just freedom. I will admit I love it too because I get to relax with them, once my vacation time kicks in. Once my vacation is over I am struggling with work, providing 3 hopefully healthy full meals, and 8 to a million snacks a day! Plus the constant me vs. them struggle for a screen time balance. And by the end of summer I am burned out, have no real routine, and no set schedule. I feel so lost by the time school rolls around again-the struggle is real. I tried to planning my back to school shopping early, and getting the kids on a routine two weeks before school starts. School started today and my kids were ready to go on time and they have their clothes picked out for the week. Major Mom Win! We will see how day 2 goes tomorrow. I still need to work on some other aspects to keep our school routine running smoothly until the next major break Thanksgiving!

My back to school Goals:

  • Get a meal plan rotation going with Wal-Mart Free Grocery Pick-up. (Work in some sheet pan, crock pot, and freezer meals.)
  • Make the Chore Chart and be consistent. (I need a checks and balances in place for attitude. The kids voted for a chore and treat jar.)
  • Balance and work in some Me Time. (Exercise, Pampering, Reading, Blogging.)
  • Family Movie Night. We stopped these a while back and the kids want to bring them back.
  • Family Game Nights: Board Games, Video Games, Bowling, Laser Tag. (This was the kids idea and they wanted to add this to our Family for more fun.)
  • Family Competitions: Cupcake War, Pizza War, and Cookie War. (This was the kids idea and they wanted to add this to our Family for more fun.)

What are somethings you do to keep a great school routine?


This is a must read for those who suffer with health issues!


I can’t even remember why I choose this book of all the books on the review list, but I am so glad I did! This book is such a fresh, in-depth look at everything that takes place with the whole body when someone heals. I love that this doctor took the time to investigate why his patients were healing even when the science and research did not support their healing. I feel like this is the new direction of the best possible patient care and I hope that doctors start to take this approach. It could revolutionize our healthcare system for sure! This is a must read if you suffer from chronic pain, cancer, or disease.

Right now on the website How Healing Works you can learn more about Dr. Wayne Jonas and how you can get a free bonus gift for sending in your book receipt. Plus he has a free download called Your Healing Journey which is a personal resource for understanding how to optimize your healing.

Happy Healing! Love, Natasha

Perfect Washer for Moms! @BestBuy @LGUS #Ad

LG TwinWash laundry_Family
The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

Have you heard about LG’s New TwinWash system!? No? You’re a Mom so I know your busy and that means you need this! Make some room in your budget and put this at the top of your wishlist! You can thank me later. When you are washing your bras at the same time as a massive mixed load of all the kid’s sports uniform, spirit shirts, and jeans that they absolutely must have by tomorrow. With this new TwinWash system you can put a large load on the top and wash it 30 minutes faster with TurboWash plus you can wash a smaller load on the bottom at the same time! This is a game changer Mommas! Imagine all the time you can save! You could wash all the jeans on top and a small white load at the same time. I know at my house the white load is so small because I hardly buy my kids’ white clothes. Oh, and it is perfect for when you ask all the kids to bring their clothes and the wash is halfway done then someone brings clothes from their gym bag…UGH. With the TwinWash system, you can just pop it in the bottom washer and wha-la! Crisis and a late night of laundry averted.

Not only do these washers have mega capacity to tackle any size load, they are energy efficient while giving you the best cleaning performance. No wonder more households have chosen LG laundry over any other brand! If you already have an LG Front load washer then you can see if your washer is compatible with the LG SideKick pedestal washer. From 1/11-4/25 receive up to $500 off a LG laundry solution for your home.


Punderdome: A Card Game for Pun Lovers


We were given the opportunity to try the Punderdome game and this video best explains the game. Seriously trying to understand game directions in this day in age of technology is like solving a riddle! I tried to play it with my 7, 8, and 13-year-old and it was not happening they couldn’t get the point. We will definitely have to work on their pun building skills.





The second time we tried to play we had one too many drinks to make the game work properly, but it was fun just passing around the quick round question cards trying to guess the correct answers! We had lots of laughs and some of the cards are pretty fun while a couple are lame.

All in all, it is an adult game or older teen game for sure. It is sure to bring lots of laughs for a great pun-tastic night!

Peaceable Kingdom Neighborhood Game Night! #Tryazon #Cooperativegames


My girls, Ezra, and I had the opportunity to host a neighborhood game night with Peaceable Kingdom and Tryazon! When the box came in the mail the kids were so excited! They love games, and stickers, and tattoos!

I jumped at applying for this game night because I LOVE Peaceable Kingdom! The kids and I won a game from them back in 2014 when I was a daily blogger and we fell in love with the game and the company!


We had a blast playing the cooperative games! They are an interesting twist on the games my kids are used to playing. Our games before always had a winner and someone who was just flat out upset because she lost, but with these games, everyone has to work together to try to beat the game. Which turns out is A LOT of fun! The kids loved it!  They were cheering all together and freaking out all together each time the sun moved closer and closer to morning or the Ogre got one step closer to the treasure. We shared some popcorn, pickles, and pizza. They all had a really great night! At the end, they all voted and it was a tie between the Hoot Owl Game and the Race to the Treasure Game. The Sunny & Stormy Day game was perfect for my 4-year-old, but the older kids also liked it too.


Thank you, soo much Peaceable Kingdom and Tryazon for allowing us to host this amazing and fun game night in our neighborhood!

Boye Pom Pom Party #Tryazon #Pompomparty


My girls and I had the honor of hosting this super fun and crafty Tryazon party with the Boye PomPom and Tassel maker.

When the box came in it was such a lovely surprise for them because they had something to stall them from homework (coming home to an empty doorstep for them is just so boring).


They immediately ripped open the box and started taking all the fun brightly colored yarn and stickers out. They pulled the Boye Pompom and Tassel maker out of the box and yelled excitedly, “Mom can we please open it!”. Of course, I reminded them about snack and homework. I am such a party pooper. I promised to let them try it the night before the party.

The night of the party came in no time and when we got to try it we learned 2 things. One, you need a good pair of sharp scissors to cut yarn. Two, you have to really tie the ball snug to keep it together. And one more I forgot, three, don’t go all Edward scissor hands on your pompom or things will get messy.


I was very last minute in trying to get everything planned but I am so grateful and thankful to have an amazing neighbor, Olga. She not only has two daughters, my daughters love to play with, but she also had chairs to lend to the pompom party plus I forgot plastic cups and she came to the rescue with some. My pretty great Girl Scout Troop #281 also were my guest and I was so happy they could come share this fun learning experience with us. We decided since we had a Girl Scout Trunk or Treat that night we would use this opportunity to make swaps to hand out.


We learned pretty quickly I should have precut the yarn so each girl had her own pieces to work with. I explained to them how to make the necklace and showed them how to make a PomPom. When they attempted to string the wooden beads onto the leather is where the necklace idea went south. The holes in the beads were too small for the leather cord. Some girls beads worked by using a safety pin to push it through others just made the PomPoms or a tassel for the string to complete the necklaces. The smaller girls started to lose patience and interest while waiting for their turn to use the smaller size pompom makers. The older girls really loved making the Pompoms and were able to successfully follow the instructions and make one. The younger ones not so much they lost interest and ran upstairs to play. We improvised and tried to make some cardboard ones for them but they were already playing. The moms and I as well as 2 very interested girls kept working to make orange pumpkin pompoms, white tassel ghost, and black spider pompoms for swaps. Later that evening after the Trunk or Treat before bed and the next day I couldn’t get my girls to stop making pompoms. They covered their backpacks, ceiling and started a pompom war with their little brother!


Here are all the pieces you get with the Boye PomPom and Tassel maker. It is a great product to have and especially for craft lovers!

UnReal UnJunk your Halloween #getunreal #tryazon @unreal.snacks



On Facebook one day I stumbled upon this opportunity to host a Tryazon UnReal UnJunk your Halloween party. The super cute Dia de Los Muertos themed packaging intrigued me to click because my girl scout troop and I were planning a camping trip to work on the Night Owl Badge and we needed to learn a legend. I thought to myself those would be the perfect snack if I could get my hands on the Book of Life movie then we are going to have a pretty great movie night! So I applied and, I was chosen to participate! YAY! I was so excited to share these with my girls! I got the email and started to learn more about the UnReal brand and what Unjunk your Halloween actually means. I was surprised to learn these candies were not just ordinary candies, but pretty great candies!

I got the first email and started to learn more about the UnReal brand and what Unjunk your Halloween actually means. I was surprised to learn these candies were not just ordinary candies, but pretty great candies inside and out! The founders wanted to make candy that wasn’t completely and utterly terrible for you. Candy that was made from responsible and healthy real ingredients for example colored with fruits and vegetable dyes. I think they accomplished that and then some! These candies taste amazing! Plus they are made with more protein and fiber from real foods, with less sugar, so that each candy has a lower glycemic index.

My girl scouts got to enjoy these candies at our camp this past weekend and they loved them. Our top favorite pick of all the candies are the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups! We are going to hunt down the Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups to try those next.

20171007_214703_HDROur unjunk movie night with our UnReal candies!

IMG_09951 (1)

The girls testing out all the different candies. Talking about what non-GMO, organic, and fair trade mean for our health and our environment.

IMG_20171008_224959_386 (1)

A little late night snack in our bunks before lights out! We did share with our fellow campers across the hall. 🙂

IMG_20171008_224959_387 (1)


We had a blast learning about this great brand and tasting their great candies please check them out and give them a try! Especially our favorite the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups and the Milk Chocolate Gems! Thank you so much Tryazon and UnReal!

If you want to learn more about Tryazon, a dedicated service that gets innovative products into the hands of people in fun settings, click this link to see what they are all about!

Back to School Savings with Groupon Coupons! #Back2School #SaveMore


You all have heard of Groupon right!? Businesses post a group of tickets discounted or coupons to an activity, event, or restaurant for a discount but only a limited amount of items for that discounted price. It’s a great way for families especially bigger families like mine to save money! At this very moment, Groupon is even offering 25% off your first Groupon with code WELCOME at check out. Deals on top of deals? It doesn’t get any better than that but wait it does!

I just learned that Groupon launched coupons!!! I use coupons for everything they are like money just not green! On the Groupon site, here are 71 deals and coupons for Target. I LOVE TARGET! One of my absolute favorite deals for Target is $5.00 off $50.00 plus free shipping! Imagine how much more you can save on all the back to school cost hitting us right now! This deals is not only good online but, in store as well. They also have 30% off in their home department. I could shop Targets home décor section for hours. I can really get lost in there. While on the Groupon site be sure to check out all of the other retailers they offer deals and coupons for such as Aerie, Footlocker, Rue 21Payless, Office Depot/Office Max, Aeropostale, JCPenny, Famous Footwear and so much more! Don’t miss out on those extra savings on all the back to school purchases. Groupon has all of your shopping need covered!




ShearMadness #haircutsforkids


HELLO! Blogging world long time no talk, Eh? Well I had to jump on this offer and share all about Shear Madness! No, I am not talking about my motherhood journey although shear-madness is what I would describe it as. I am talking about a completely amazing place that got my kids to sit still for an amazing and affordable hair cut and not just the older ones…the…3 year old! (He is 4 now, but 3 the first time I took him in.) Yes he got a hair cut at Shear Madness and he looked so dang cute afterwards and he loved it!

Check out the offer below! And stay tuned to learn more about Shear Madness and our experience!


Save $2 OFF $20 purchase of services and/or retail on your first visit only @ShearMadness #haircutsforkids