My Family

2013 Samsung II 1718

Today I decided to introduce you to the family. I am holding Caydence (oh and Ezra because I am pregnant πŸ™‚ ), Rey is holding Sadie, Reyrey is standing next to me and Julie next to Dad. Now this is a great family picture, but what you don’t see is that Caydence is so scared she is seriously pinching my back and ReyRey’s shoes don’t match. Not to mention the little argument over the cost of these pictures and our membership. πŸ˜‰ (Mom did get a good deal though) Β My point is pictures can look perfect but its only an image in time and nothing is actually perfect. For our family I have tried to make taking pictures a real part of my job as a mother. I feel like when I am older this is all I will have of them. They will grow up and move on and all I will be left with is the memories and the pictures. I did a great job in the beginning! As time went on I let the picture taking go. 😦 I have noticed that is how it goes with many mothers the more kids the less pictures it seems. I even had dreams of making them their own personal yearbooks each year for their birthdays-that didn’t workout. I did at least make each of them one though! Just the other night at bedtime they each wanted to read their own books. It was really cute they each felt so special to have their own. We looked back at all the memories we had forgotten and remembered of our time in Las Cruces and Santa Fe. We even stumbled upon something in Reyrey and Julie’s books there were no pictures of Caydence or Ezra. The kids noticed this and it was really the first time we have ever discussed it. Back then it was really different compared to now. It was a good discussion to have because in our house attention from Mom is a big issue we will get to in another posts! πŸ™‚

Β So I have another question what are some of the ways you try to preserve the memories of your children and family?


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