How I stretch a buck!

Stretch a Buck!

Today I wanted to talk about ways I stretch a dollar. Having such a big family and living with one income I really have learned some tricks of the trade in saving money.

  1. Coupons! I use to get my printable coupons. Then I also use to get the best updates on available coupons.
  2. Target! I love Target for SO many reason! Clearance!  Target Mobile Coupons! Daily Deals! Printable Target CouponsShopkick App! & Now Cartwheel! I can’t possibility configure all the savings possibilities myself so I use Totally Target to help with match ups!
    • If you sign up for mobile coupons from Target you will not be disappointed! I use at least one a week! You just click the link in the text to see what is available and have the cashier scan the barcode on your phone!
    • Daily Deals are really great deals on items Target only offers on that day. I have got a few great deals but they go quickly.
    • I am a Target printable coupon hoarder! I print these every Sunday! These Target coupons can be used with a manufacture coupon for double savings.
    • The Shopkick App I mainly use at Target because I get points for walking into their store and scanning items (if I have time) then I can use those points to get Target gift cards. The gift cards are on the app and the cashier scans the phone the same as a mobile coupon.
    • I am fairly new to Target Cartwheel but my understanding so far is that you go online to the Cartwheel site or you can use the App to sign up. Then add the deals you want to use. Right now I am allowed to add 15 different deals and they offer a bunch! (I though the more you use the service the more you can add). Then when in the store load the site/App on your phone and the cashier just scans this one too!
  3. Ibotta! I use the Ibotta App to earn money on the things I buy which I deposit into my pay pal account! I LOVE IT! Its so easy you open the app and take a picture of your receipt, then scan the barcodes of the items you purchased and upload. It usually takes a few minutes but you will get a notification back on how much you earned. I have used the money I earned to make myself a calendar and a picture panel from Walgreens.
  4. Frys! I love Fry’s because they round up all my coupons to a dollar. They have great sale prices and offer additional saving with their member cards by allowing me to go online and add coupons to my card. Plus the card allows me to earn a gas discount depending on how much I spend.
  5. BestMark! BestMark is the other way I save a little money by doing mystery shops. I usually do oil changes and they reimburse me for the oil change then pay me for doing it. I do have to fill out a survey about my experience at the dealership but it seriously takes no more than 10 minutes.

Lastly in order to really truly save in my house I have to STOCK UP on an item when it is on sale/clearance so I never have to pay full price for it. Also I always shop for the younger kids clothes out of season when they are on clearance. So right now I am stocking up on summer clothes for next  year.

Happy Savings! 🙂

Walgreens Calendar

Walgreens Pic


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