Why I always enter a quick giveaway!

Girls-Gator Mommy Reviews

The saying goes you can’t win if you don’t play! & It’s TRUE! I started entering giveaways as a way to win things my family couldn’t afford. The first thing I ever won was a baby monitor! A really-really cool high-tech baby monitor, I could only dream about owning! I WON IT! Ever since then I have been hooked! By hooked I mean addicted! I enter giveaways on Facebook pages, Blogs, and from companies. There are so many different blogs out there about crafting, cooking, baking, homeschooling, and being a Mom-all these blogs usually have giveaways! I will too-soon, but until then here are some places you can go to win things for your family!

Some of the blogs I follow are:

Here are some Facebook & Companies Pages:

Happy Winning! 🙂


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