New Mexico

Hatch Green Chile Festival

Hatch Chile Festival with Kids

We are so happy that we got to see family and visit our home state! But man did we forget how HOT it can be! We went to Hatch, New Mexico to the Chile Festival and as we drove into town the whole town was prepared for this festival.  We did have a hard time keeping cool in the high temps and full sun. The food was a little pricey but it was worth it! The chile rellenos  I had with FRESH green chiles were worth the drive, wait, and price! They had a chile eating contest, many vendors of specialty foods, and arts and crafts. A few things I will do differently if we decide to go next year are pack sun hats and LOTS more water because it was $2.00 a bottle! I would get to the festival later in the day as there was a Carnival and it would have been nicer for the kiddos. I will have the kiddos wear closed toed shoes and FULLY CHARGE MY PHONE! It died an hour after we were there and I didn’t get many pictures. 😦

Hatch Green Chile Festival ristra

Hatch Green Chile Festival R&J

Hatch Green Chile Festival Dae

Harvest Wine Festival with Kids

If you want to enjoy the wine-DO NOT TAKE KIDS! It is not possible to enjoy ALL the wines with the kids. My mom was there and took them on a horse ride while the Hubby and I quickly hit up the Mimosa tent. We tasted all four varieties (Original, Pineapple, Pomegranate, and Mango) and decided to take our favorites home. The lines are at least a 3-5 minute wait  minimum to taste a wine and asking a child to wait that long-patiently while you enjoy all the different vendors not going to happen. They do try to offer children’s activities you can buy a $20.00 bracelet and let your kids jump on different jumping balloons. The food was great they had a pizza oven tent with amazing pizza. A few funnel cake-hotdog type set-ups and an asadero quesadilla tent which was so good with green chile! They also had arts and crafts, specialty foods, and a grape stomping contest. The heat was still an issue but there was much more shade and there was grass at this venue. They even had a tent with a cool mist-very popular of course! We enjoyed our trip and can’t wait for our next family outing!



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