Our Routine-AKA-Moms lifesaver

routineboard (1)

Our routine is my LIFESAVER seriously without it, I would have lost it already. It keeps us grounded and really helps the kids out because well without a routine they are just as lost as me.

Here are a few reasons we have a routine:

  1. It helps them develop good habits that will help them be successful adults someday.
  2. Having a predictable home environment helps them feel safe and secure.
  3. It really helps during big changes like moving, and bringing a new baby home or changes like a child moving from a crib to a bed.
  4. Having an important job to do  as a member of our family helps them to develop a sense of responsibility and belonging.
  5. Its helps Dad out on Moms nights off 🙂 or Moms sick days because he and the kids already know what to do 🙂

Our routine is kept on this cute Melissa & Doug magnetic board, I got at Michaels for 50% off (Yay!). They go on sale often and you could also get one from Hobby Lobby using their 40% off printable. Before I got this one, I made one for them and printed it out. I will link you to my google documents so you can look at it. >Here<girls and boys>Here<

This board works really well for us because you can customize it any way you want. The top of the board is where we set our routine for the week. As you can barely see I drew a squiggly line to indicate that routine is done everyday Sunday-Saturday. These routines are brush teeth, get dressed, make bed, and go to bed. The Monday-Friday routine is homework if they have any. The routine that should be every other day is cleaning up their room (someone erased Saturday 🙂 ). Bathing is done everyday except Friday because Friday is Movie Night and it is optional on Saturday, depending on a family day in our out.

The bottom of the board is great because you can use it for whatever you want. We use it to keep track of Screen Time and Chores. All the kids except for Ezra help out in someway. I know it is insane to give 3 and 4 year old chores, but trust me if they are not allowed to help there will be a fit. Julie helps set the table and emptying the dishwasher. Reyrey helps Dad outside with the yard and takes the trash out. The older kids decided that every week they would switch who would be wiping the table and who would be sweeping up after dinner. Cays big job is starting the dishwasher and potty training but we tackled that one! FINALLY! Julie gave her one of hers and now she is taking the bathroom trashes to the kitchen trash. Sadie didn’t want me to write anything because she wanted to pick the indoor chores magnet and she said this one means she gets to help Julie set the table, unload the dishwasher, plus she gets to help clean, and cook.

What is Screen Time? Screen Time is a name I took from Michelle Obama. We have always limited tv time, but now thanks to Mrs. Obama it’s a more streamlined process because we are giving a set amount of time and they can use it on computer. video games, or tv. School Days 30 minutes, Friday 1 Free hour + Movie Night, Saturday 3 hours, and Sunday is 2 hours.

This is what works for our family but we will have to be changing up the routine because we are enrolling the kiddos in some after school activities.

What are somethings that you and your family do? I would love to hear all your ideas! Please do share! 🙂


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