Step into Fall Dirt Lift Sweepstakes


I have great news! I have become a Purex insider and soon will be sharing giveaways and more promotions like this one with you!

Step into Fall and win $1000 from Purex with Dirt Lift detergent!Β Who couldn’t use laundry detergent!?! I know if I won that would be a nice little chunk of saving in my budget!

If you were just about to say to yourself “I never win things like this!” Its’s probably because you don’t enter! You have to enter to win! I always enter because if I don’t win then I wasted a minute or two of my time but if I do win-THEN I WIN-BIG because in this case now I don’t have to worry about laundry detergent for a while and I get an extra $1000 for Christmas shopping! ENTER NOW! You never know the next winner just might be you!

A promotion I have won in the past!

Winning email

I also won a snickers promotion! I will post a picture when the cooler bag I won comes in the mail!


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