Truthful Thursdays #6

Truthful Thursdays

Where I will share the good, the bad, and the ugly about Motherhood & Stepmotherhood.

My Truths for Today! :)

  1. I am slowly coming to the end of my breastfeeding journey and becoming more and more okay with it. I know the first time he gets sick I will have a complete melt down and blame myself though… 😦 How do you deal with Mommy Guilt?
  2. Relationships are a JOURNEY where you learn more and more about each other with every bump in the road. I have learned this week that I need to get my priorities straight, be on the same page as Rey, and remember he needs me too! Rey actually took the internet away this week and it really helped me see what was important and how to get my days more organized and planned. If you know me-I freaked but now I see what he was trying to do! 🙂
  3. I accomplished one thing on my declutter list. I will show you in a picture below, hopeful I will get to more tomorrow and this weekend. Those baskets were a dollar at Dollar Tree! 🙂
  4. WE both really enjoy spoiling our kids by doing things with them or letting them do things we didn’t get to do. One fun thing they got to do this past weekend was ride these really cool motorized stuffed animals.



These are my truths for the week! Let me know if you have any in the comments below and we can laugh, smile, frown, or nod our heads (I do that a lot while on the internet.) about it together!

Have a great Thursday! :)


2 thoughts on “Truthful Thursdays #6

    • I am glad, I’m not alone! It will steal our joy and it is so hard to let it go. I just have to tell myself I did my best thats all I can do. It also helps when the Hubby let’s me know I did my best and I am a great mom! 🙂

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