My Candle is Burning, is Yours?


Hello girls! I have been a little busy but plan to pick up the postings, hopefully!

I wanted to share that I am still moving forward with Courtney’s Making Your Home a Haven Challenge! This week its lighting a candle in your home and praying for peace in your home every time your candle reminds you.

I have begun and actually started last week ๐Ÿ˜‰ I LOVE IT! It helps set a mood in my home and I have started to pray for peace and it is helping out so much because when things are getting out of control the candle brings me to God and I have a calm moment to ask for peace!ย Trying to change our environment to a more peaceful, loving, and caring environment.

The scents I have now are Pumpkin Spice in the kitchen, Salted Caramel in the living room, and a Sweet Orange Vanilla in the bedroom.

Hope your candles are lighting your way to a more peaceful home!


One thought on “My Candle is Burning, is Yours?

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