Truthful Thursdays #7

Truthful Thursdays

Where I will share the good, the bad, and the ugly about Motherhood & Stepmotherhood.

My Truths for Today!

  1. My breastfeeding journey is over. I am going to be strong and be thankful for what I was able to do for my son…and really try to be okay with it and fight off the Mommy Guilt!
  2. My Hubby has been gone this week helping out in Oregon. I miss my Hubby a TON! Nothing like time apart to really appreciate what you have!
  3. I got to spoil myself A LOT this week thanks to my Mother-in-Law! I had a nice relaxing bath, trips to the store alone and with her help, and her help feeding, taming, and bathing the wild ones! 🙂 Thank you so much LETTY! 🙂
  4. This past week I watched Dateline (I think-Fuzzy Mommy Brain could be wrong) but there was a family and all 5 of their children were carriers of a gene which is known to cause heart complications. It was an emotional show for me to watch and image what it must feel like to have your child live in a hospital and wait for another child’s heart. After the show had sunk in, I realized how much I have taken for grant having healthy children. I AM THANKFULLY TO HAVE HEALTHY CHILDREN, SO THANKFUL FOR THIS BLESSING, MY LORD! 

These are my truths for the week! Let me know if you have any in the comments below and we can laugh, smile, frown, or nod our heads (I do that a lot while on the internet.) about it together!

Have a great Thursday!


2 thoughts on “Truthful Thursdays #7

  1. The importance of breastfeeding can’t be emphasized enough. You’ve done a great thing for your son’s health now and for the rest of his life. Thanks for posting this 🙂

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