Disney Classics Box Set


Let’s just be honest here I have two Disney CD’s in my family car right now. My Hubby hates them but the kids and I LOVE them! They do take me back to my childhood and give me this kid like nostalgia. Disney music is so inspiring whether its a song from Mulan inspiring girls to be strong, or a song from Aladdin inspiring you to explore a new world, or one from Pocahontas pushing you to explore nature differently. This set is really one most of the family will come to cherish.

The Disney Classics Box Set is a 4-disc collection includes 94 original recordings from Disney movies, theme parks, and television shows both modern and timeless. Discs include:

  • Disney Modern Classics
  • Disney Theme Park Classics
  • Disney Timeless Classics
  • Disney Television Classics



Pre-order the Disney Classics Box Set today at Amazon.com. The official release date is November 12. After this date, the set will be available for purchase wherever music is sold and at Disney parks.


The Simple Moms Blog Ends 10/30/13

Mom Always Finds Out Ends 11/4/13


This is a sponsored post from One2One Network and Walt Disney Records. All Opinions are my own.

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