No Sew Tutu


This tutu took me a couple of days to make because I could not get 3-4 hours without an interruption in my house but it could easily be done in a few hours.

What you will need and what it should cost (my size was girls medium).

  • Tulle I used 3 yards of each color. Total yards was 12 yards. (Plus plenty left over for a headband) Walmart $0.97-$1.99/JoAnns/Hobby Lobby (These stores often have 50% off one item if you can get your hands on one and a cut of fabric will count but otherwise regular price is $1.99 colored and $5.99 Glitter)
  • 2 Headbands with holes $2 Dollar Store (If you would like the matching tulle headband grab another one.)
  • Sharp Sewing Scissors $6


  1. If you’re making one for a toddler just use one headband and if you’re making one for an older girl you will have to use two. I cut them and then use some black tulle to lace and tie them together-according to the child’s size of course.
  2. Next you will have to cut your tulle into strips. I experimented and trust me if you’re like me then you’re thinking I will just folded it over and cut like paper-simple right! WRONG! Tulle is a hard fabric to work with and is really hard to cut. Only work with one-two folds at a time or it will get difficult to cut. Keep cutting until you have strips the size and width you want. You can see what I decided upon above in the third picture.
  3. Next you have to get a color pattern going for consistency you can see mine in the third picture.
  4. Next you take your headband and began tying the strips onto the headband. In the tying process I also used a pattern as you can see in the last picture I skipped one hole. Depending on the length you want you can pull the tulle half way threw and then tie in the middle or just tie the tulle from one end onto the headband.
  5. Last you may need to trim some of the pieces-or it could just be me and my perfection habits.


To make the headband just cut about five inch strips and layer the colors on top of each other. I used three sets of the layered tulle. Then just weave them through the headband twice and fan them out a little. Last I used the clips to add the Lalaloopsy character.

****Hint****: When working with glitter tulle know that it will stretch out so you will need to trim it after the tutu is done and cut it a little wider.


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