Dessert Pizza


We actually have a dessert after dinner more often than we should, my fault, I accept it! I LOVE SWEETS! Here is a recipe for a simple and easy week night dessert.

What you need:

  • Pre-made sugar cookie dough (Half a tube) or in our case half of the sugar cookie dough from yesterdays dessert that I saved for today.
  • Frozen raspberries about 1 Cup.
  • White Chocolate Chips 1/2 Cup.

Roll the dough out onto parchment paper for the easiest clean up or your cookie sheet. Then form a crust area around the edge using your fingers. Take the frozen raspberries and place them into a plastic bag and smash them with your rolling pin or anything else you have lying around. Really cool trick-they turn into frozen raspberry sprinkles! Now sprinkle them onto your sugar cookie crust. Now sprinkle the white chocolate chips on top. Place in a 350 degree oven for about 15 minutes give or take a little depending on how you like your cookies.

Here is what it looks like done and left in the oven a little over the timer. Oops!


By the time I sliced it and ran to get my phone for a picture half of it was gone! LOL…Kids!

*Hint I used frozen berries I got on sale for a steal! Here is the post on how to freeze your own berries!

Hello Readers

I have been out the last week and thought I ought to give my loyal readers a little update because we are all human here and I am trying to let other Stepmoms and Moms know you are not alone.


I had a little break down moment it’s not the first and most definitely not the last…in the least possible words I let way too much build up and I exploded. I had to take a break, think…think…and really think deeply about what truly makes me smile at the end of the day and what is important to me.

break down


So many issues can come up in a regular family and then to add in stepfamily issues on top of that can really get overwhelming. I can say from this experience if something is bothering you talk to your partner about it!

If you’re worried he/she may be offended because it’s about the children, his ex, or even in-laws he probably will a little but TALKING is the only way for you to work it out. Most of the time he/she doesn’t even know you were bothered by a comment, a remark, or a behavior. Or he/she may even have been bothered too but didn’t say anything because you didn’t.


Thanks for staying loyal and thanks for taking the time to read my blog 🙂


Truthful Thursdays

Truthful Thursdays

Where I will share my truths as a Mother & Stepmother.

My Truths for Today!

  1. Last week we started our new Birthday Traditions and I was completely unprepared as a stepmother. I had always felt this a little bit but it had never hit so hard emotionally to bring me to tears as it did last week. I am talking about the feeling of never being enough for my stepkids because I am not their mother. It’s no secret they long for their mother and miss her very much. They would love her to be in my position within our household and it’s hard for them and me. Last week I got mixed reactions from them and it was hurtful but then after I gave it sometime it was pleasant again. It’s an emotional roller coaster being a stepmother and there are many issues stepmother’s faces which just take time, understanding, and talking. Gratefully, I do have Rey and we have been able to peacefully talk through many issues. He really helped me through this one by simply giving me time and space to sort out these emotions then he assured me when they get older they will see just how much I do love them as my own and how much I really do care about them.
  2. I am so far from my routine this week it is awful-it’s definitely a reboot week and it will be only one or two more times this year after holiday traveling. Ending positively I am happy we get to see our families this holiday season.

Do any step parents out there ever have to deal with these emotions?

Do you spend holidays with extended family or with your immediate family?

These are my truths for the week! Let me know if you have any in the comments below and we can laugh, smile, or agree to disagree about it together!

Have a great Thursday!

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Terrie's Little Haven

The Party!


Mr. Reyrey’s Mario Party!

Here is the link to the Pinterest Board I used to plan the party.

Here are a few ideas I used from the board.


Click the picture for the link to the Hostess with the Mostess album this idea came from.


We also played this game. If you click the picture you can go to Daisy Chick Designs to see her party!

I drew and colored the face except for me it was easier to just pin the mustache and not the nose with it.



This Toss the Fireball game I made myself with a Dollar Tree foam board.

Reys iphone Nov. 2013 175

We also served Cloud Jello!


Mrs. Julie’s Lalaloopsy Party!

Here is the link to the Pinterest Board I use to plan the party, foods, and decor.

Here are a few ideas I used from the board.

food-page-0031Click the picture and it will take you to Denna’s Blog for her recipe.

Lalaloopsy Party 11

 I got the idea for this game from One Creative Housewife.



For the girls we served Jewels Jello cups with ring pops!

Our New Birthday Traditions!


 Birthday morning surprises


They all loved these! & I loved to see their happiness!

Link to Birthday Traditions

Link to No Sew Tutu 

Truthful Thursday # 9

Truthful Thursdays

Where I will share my truths as a Mother & Stepmother.

My Truths for Today!

  1. Do any of you ever struggle with a decision as a mother? This week the little ones were sick and had fevers. They were asleep and I didn’t want to wake up them up so I let them sleep and decided to just walk to the end of the fence to wait for the bus. (I normally drive down to the bus stop we live in a rural area. I would say our house is one small city block from the bus.) When I got there it didn’t seem so bad so I walked a little farther-then I was morally stuck halfway to the bus stop and half way from the house. I was just torn between letting them sleep while I left them to get the older kids from the bus or letting the older kids’ think I was late and be worried.
  2. I really LOVE birthday planning and making decor! & Doing little surprises for them it’s one of the best parts of motherhood and stepmotherhood for me. I am throwing a double party this weekend. One was born on the 7th and the other on the 8th two years later. 🙂 I will post next week all about it!


These are my truths for the week! Let me know if you have any in the comments below and we can laugh, smile, frown, or nod our heads (I do that a lot while on the internet.) together!

Have a great Thursday!