Hello Readers

I have been out the last week and thought I ought to give my loyal readers a little update because we are all human here and I am trying to let other Stepmoms and Moms know you are not alone.


I had a little break down moment it’s not the first and most definitely not the last…in the least possible words I let way too much build up and I exploded. I had to take a break, think…think…and really think deeply about what truly makes me smile at the end of the day and what is important to me.

break down


So many issues can come up in a regular family and then to add in stepfamily issues on top of that can really get overwhelming. I can say from this experience if something is bothering you talk to your partner about it!

If you’re worried he/she may be offended because it’s about the children, his ex, or even in-laws he probably will a little but TALKING is the only way for you to work it out. Most of the time he/she doesn’t even know you were bothered by a comment, a remark, or a behavior. Or he/she may even have been bothered too but didn’t say anything because you didn’t.


Thanks for staying loyal and thanks for taking the time to read my blog 🙂



2 thoughts on “Hello Readers

  1. Thanks 🙂 Me too! Looking at marriage now compared to when I was a kid, its not one magical day and your set for life with happiness. Marriage is a vow to never give up on the one you love and want to call family. 🙂

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