Christmas Decor on a Budget


5 Tips for making Christmas Magical but staying well within your limits.


 Tip #1: Shop after Christmas Clearance for next year! If you want a theme get there the morning after Christmas!

Or you can stick to golds, silvers, and the classic red and green!


Tip #2: BOWS! These are simple but very cute! Put them any and everywhere!

Plus in after Christmas clearance they usually come in a pack of 10! 🙂


Tip #3: Stockings can be expensive if they want character stockings and you have more than 3 kids! 🙂

After Christmas Hobby Lobby has great stockings and amazingly cheap sets of Stocking Holders!

I got this PEACE set for $5.00!


Tips #4: Use Poinsettias!

These were a $1.00 on Black Friday at Home Depot and have been the last three years!


Tip #5: Paper Crafts!! Kids love these!

Make a paper chain countdown! Make Snowmen! Make Gingerbread! Make Snowflakes!

If you have any tips, please share them in the comments section below!


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