Truthful Thursdays

Truthful Thursdays

Where I will share my truths as a Mother & Stepmother.

My Truths for Today!

  1. I have gained 10 pounds since September! My jaw dropped when my daughter said, “Mommy I’m only 40, how many are you?” I stepped on and I was in shock! 10 pounds more than the last time I weighed myself!! Where in the world…then I thought about it..I haven’t drank a smoothie in how long, how many glasses of water have I had today, and when was the last time I even exercised!?!? Geez…I have to start taking care of me again!
  2. I do love Christmas-music, special treats, Christmas movies, decorating, holiday clothing and pictures, hot cocoa, Christmas lights, making gingerbread houses, and FAMILY!
  3. Christmas sometimes makes me crazy because I feel like I must give them everything they ask for-why I don’t really know where this feeling/or need to do this comes from but I know it will not truly make them happy.
  4. It hurts that we have to share the kids on Christmas because they don’t get be apart of our Christmas traditions and they miss out on so much…which upsets them when they get home and see pictures later, but I guess they do get to take part in their Mom’s Christmas traditions and share those special memories with her. πŸ™‚

Do any step parents out there ever have to deal with these emotions or circumstances for Christmas?

What Christmas traditions do you do with your family?

These are my truths for the week! Let me know if you have any in the comments below and we can laugh, smile, or agree to disagree about it together!

Have a great Thursday!


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