Let me be your friend & let’s protect Children’s Health together!


Something I am really passionate about is HEALTH! It started with one book then I just started searching for more information on ways to be healthy in today’s world. When I first learned I was pregnant I was extremely cautious of things in my environment which could affect the health of the baby inside me as well as my own health, and then when our children were born I wanted to raise them in this way.

Watch this video, please it will help explain my thoughts and beliefs.

Take a deep breath, it is a lot to take in.

I feel guilty not knowing what is in my home that could be harming my children, but together we can find ways to protect our children from the unknown through our drive to understand and seek knowledge as a whole.

I am going to start a new weekly posts dedicated to a Healthy Home!

Please stop by every week and learn new ways to make our homes healthier!

Healthy Home-Cleaning Tips

Β Β Healthy Home-Safer Cleaning Products

Healthy Home-Air Quality in Your Home

Healthy Home-Detoxifying Your Food

Β Healthy Home-Detoxifying Your Food Colors & Dyes


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