Healthy Home-Safer Cleaning Products

Green Cleaning suplies Part 1

Earlier I posted Let me be your friend & let’s protect Children’s Health together! this is a follow-up to that post and the post Healthy Home-Cleaning Tips.

Today I wanted to share some tips for greening up your cleaning products to be safer for your children.

  1. If you use natural cleaners that are made with biodegradable, plants based ingredients and are formulated to be non-toxic they won’t create harsh fumes or emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from chemicals into your homes air supply.
  2. Instead of using air fresheners laced with harsh fumes and VOCs you can use cleaners with essential oils, baking soda, or place orange, lemon, and cloves into a pot of boiling water to give the air a pleasant smell.

What are some of your favor natural cleaners or brands? What other ways do you freshen up the air in your home?

My favorite Eco-Friendly green cleaning products are Method (Pink Grapefruit), Seventh Generation (Disinfectant wipes), and Mrs. Meyer’s (Honeysuckle)! Target always has great deals on these! I love candles to scent my home but there can be issues there too with chemicals but, Mrs. Meyers offers some great varieties which are a little more than glade but worth it. Also, The Honest Company offers a great candle, I once got an amazing deal with a bundle, discount code, and then Jessica offered a deal last Mother’s Day were every bundle got a candle! The candles are pricey when bought separately, so I suggest a bundle or watching for those holidays deals!

My cleaning board on Pinterest has tons of great ideas for all natural cleaners you can make at home like these below from AND then WE SAVED!

Green Cleaning supplies

Green Cleaning Recipes


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