Chicco NaturalFit Advanced Feeding & Soothing System Review

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“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Chicco. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and as a thank you for participating.

As a mother I know feeding my baby is one of the most important tasks of infancy, so it is no doubt that choosing the right bottle is essential to making feeding a successful, enjoyable, bonding time. I had the opportunity to try out the Chicco NaturalFit Feeding & Soothing System with my youngest Ezra. I would like to share my experience with you, so I may help you, choose the best bottle for your child.

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The NaturalFit Feeding & Soothing System, is designed to grow with your baby, and has three different nipple stages to do just that. The three different stages of feeding development are squeezing, transition, and sucking; Chicco has designed a nipple for each one! Each nipple is extra-soft and made of BPA-free silicone, plus they are shaped and textured for an easy transition from breast to bottle. They also have internal ridges to prevent nipple collapse and flexors to enhance flexibility while feeding. The twin anti-colic valves prevent air ingestion, gas, and spit-ups providing peace of mind long after feedings.


Stage 1: Squeezing: This stage has a unique angled nipple which stays full to reduce air ingestion and encourages proper positioning during feedings. Stage one comes in two sizes a 5 oz. with a newborn flow nipple and an 8 oz. with a medium flow nipple.


Stage 2: Transition: This stage has an up right nipple, and has a nipple in which the flow can be controlled by simply switching which number on the nipple which is closest to the baby’s chin! This bottle comes in an 8 oz. size.

Stage 3

Stage 3: Sucking: This stage has an elongated nipple and less rounded nipple base to to support tighter lips while sucking. This bottle comes in an 11 oz. size with a fast flow nipple.


From the three stages my son was best at a stage 3 and I had no trouble getting Ezra to “take” this bottle in fact-he loves this bottle! I wish these were around when we transitioned him from breast to bottle and then from breast milk to formula it would have made my life so much easier! The stage 1 bottles are angled PERFECT for easily feeding a newborn and the bottle shape makes them easy to hold. The stage 2 bottle for me-was just mind blowing! Being able to alter the flow of the milk by just twisting the bottle is AMAZING! With the girls, I remember having to buy a set of nipples ever few months to increase the flow of milk-this nipple solves that problem!These bottles are lightweight enough that when he accidentally bonked himself he didn’t burst into tears, but sturdy enough to hold up when he wanted to pay fetch the bottle with Mommy. They were also easier to pour the water and formula mix into because of the wide mouth. By the way this would make pouring breast milk out of a freezer baggie so much easier! In addition to that the wider mouths make them that much easier to clean! Last but not least these are BPA-free big seal of approval there because as we now know BPA is health concern to our young infants and children. I would recommend this feeding system to breast and bottle feeding mothers alike because they are designed to make your feeding time enjoyable and do exactly that!


 Deco Orthodontic Pacifier 

The NaturalFit Soothing System comes in two choices either a Soft Silicone or the Deco. Each one is available in three sizes, 0m+, 4m+, and 12m+. There were both developed with leading European orthodontists and support physiological oral development. They come in a package of two with a sterilizable case. Plus they are BPA and Latex Free!


Our little man choose the all silicone one as his favorite-no surprise there since he is teething. Its perfect for chewing and biting on!

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