Healthy Home-Air Quality in Your Home



Here are a couple of tips to help keep indoor pollutants low:

  1. You can easily ventilate your home by opening up windows, and limiting your use of air fresheners that release potentially harmful VOCs into your indoor environment.
  2. Another way to reduce the VOCs in your home is to use green eco-friendly cleaning products as opposed to chemical cleaning products, see the Healthy Home-Safer Cleaning Products posts for more information.
  3. Household plants are not only great décor, but they can also help absorb some pollutants. In several studies, certain plants have been shown to reduce harmful VOCs like formaldehyde and xylene. The best plants for the job are orchids, ferns, peace lilies, philodendrons, pothos, anthuriums and palms.

How often do you freshen up the air in your home? Do you have any plants?

I try to open up all the windows at least once a week, but in winter it’s harder to do.  We have three plants that help purify our air, I got them at Home Depot (tip: if you join their garden club they do send out great coupons via email), but I recently read that commercially raised house plants themselves can be laced with chemicals, so now I’m on the fence. I have seen tons of plants at various farmers markets which maybe a better buy.

Here are some plants that help clean up your homes air, all you have to do is water them and make sure they get sunlight! 🙂


Thank you to Living Health & Foods for creating this wonderful graphic!


Thanks to Air-Purifier-Reviewsite for creating this great graphic!

Earlier in this series I posted Let me be your friend & let’s protect Children’s Health together!Healthy Home-Cleaning Tips, and Healthy Home-Safer Cleaning Products.


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