Truthful Thursdays

Truthful Thursdays


Where I will share my truths as a Mother & Stepmother.

My Truths for Today & a couple of questions!

  1. I used my tub as a play pen for Ezra this week while I showered. (Our shower and tub are separate) It worked great to keep an eye on him+he kept busy with bath toys. He loved it! My mommy brain at its best..
  2. I have been so off track since the start of this year. We are just getting back into a routine again with football starting and after having to switch gymnastic days for the girls. Hopefully soon it will settle down and be comfortable again-I do not transition well.
  3. I really enjoyed getting your opinions on last weeks post, therefore I would love to continue with asking a couple of questions. First one, Do you split household work with your partner? In our house I am responsible for the children, and the house. He is responsible for the job/income and the cars. Traditional, right? It’s been hard for me, because in the past I went to school and worked and we split the workload, but now I am a stay at home mom-& it’s all mine. πŸ™‚
  4. Do you get one on one time with each of your children? This bother’s me the most in our house, because I know its so important coming from an early childhood background, but I just feel like I don;t make an effort to give each child enough one on one time.

These are my truths and a few questions I hope you will weigh in on!

Happy Friday+Have a great weekend! πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Truthful Thursdays

  1. When I was off on maternity leave I was in charge of the house. Now I am back at work so we split the chores/responsibilities. It’s only fair since we both work full time.

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