Truthful Thursdays

Truthful Thursdays

Where I will share my truths as a Mother & Stepmother.

My truths for today & a couple of questions!

  1. Today we had a little mishap-I may even go as far as calling it a catastrophe! I just felt like have a simple dinner veggie pizza for me and pepperoni for the kids with panko breaded asparagus and zucchini. I made it ALL from scratch. I finished up the pizza opened up the oven, leaned in and no heat. I try to light a burner and nothing! Is the oven broken-can an oven even break? Are we out of propane?…it has only been two months since they filled it! It can’t be! So I head out to the garage to tell Rey what’s going on…we both walked over to the tank to check the meter and sure enough we are out! At this point we needed to get dinner on the table and we desperately wanted to know how this happened. We both walked back to the house and see the grill-yes why not try to grill the pizza and veggies. Well we did learn how not to grill pizzas and long story short we ended up having pizza hut. It was a stressful situation and I feel we turned it around great and learned that we are not pizza grillers. Hopefully they can come by and fill the tank before Ezra’s party, but if not we will figure it out together. 🙂
  2. Have you ever had a similar situation? How do you handle stressful situations?
  3. Our little girls the 3 and 4-year-old have stayed with my mom last week and they will be back this Saturday. It is always hard letting them go because they are so little and it’s not just a few hours away, but I do want them to be able to visit and spend time with my family.
  4. At what age did your children start visiting relatives and how long were they able to stay their without you?

These are my truths and a couple of questions, I hope you will weigh in on BOTH!

Happy Thursday! :)

Planning a Little Man Mustache Bash


For Ezra’s first birthday I decided to do a Little Man Mustache Bash!

Here are all the online tools, diy decor, and ideas that I used for my party!


I used these free printables to add color to my party! Click the picture to access them.

I also created these cute little signs for the party!


I printed out the signs I wanted, then trimmed them down. I used double stick tape to adhere them onto the colored card stock.

If you would like to use these signs click any one of the pictures below to get my printable link.




Here is the photo booth that I created!


The frame came from Hobby Lobby and the fabric from Jo-Ann’s (both on clearance!). My mom purchased these props for us, but you can easily print some onto card stock and adhere them to sticks. The jar I used to hold them is an old mason jar that I stuffed with tissue paper then I put on mustache stickers.

Here are the utensil holders , thank you boxes, candy bags, and the prize jars I created!


The top right are the utensil holders which are made from old mason jars like the prop holder.The middle right picture are the thank you boxes I made which have cute little mustache whistlers, both from Hobby Lobby. The bottom right are the candy bags which are also from Hobby Lobby. The left picture are the prize jars for the games we will be playing. These are made from old spaghetti sauce jars and decorated with duck tape.

These are the t-shirts I made and found for the kiddos to wear for the party!


The two shirt on the left I was able to make fairly easily with downloading the fonts I wanted, creating the message and then uploading it onto the software and printing it. The two shirts on the right I found on clearance! SCORE!

I used this product to make my shirts.


I will write another post with all the party pics, soon! Thanks for following along! Enjoy your day! 🙂

To see how it all turned out click here!

Wordless Wednesday with Linky


This week it has mostly just been us…the little girls have been with my mom and we have been able to have some one-on-one time which was a nice break. We all admit the house has been way too quite without them and miss them so much!

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Cook’n Recipe Organizer v.11 Giveaway! 2/22/14-3/7/14

Welcome to the Cook’n Recipe Organizer v.11 Giveaway!

Sponsored by: DVO Enterprises

Hosted by: Dividing by Zero

Co-hosted by: Life in a House of Testosterone & Rocket Sweeps

Giveaway Dates: 2/22/14 to 3/07/14

Open to residents of the U.S. & Canada 18+


This is an amazing piece of software that will get your recipes organized like you wouldn’t believe. The Cook’n Recipe organizer allows you to pull recipes from just about anywhere – webpages, blog posts, Pinterest, scanned recipes, word or notepad documents, even a picture of a recipe – and import it into the program for easy organization! You can also purchase any of their large selection of cookbooks to add directly into your program.

But more than simply organizing your recipes, Cook’n does so much more. Have some veggies you need to get used up before they spoil? Use the search function to find recipes that call for them. You can plan out your menus days, weeks, or even MONTHS in advance – and Cook’n will generate a shopping list for you based on your menu plan. It even organizes your shopping list items by aisle and estimates how much your list is going to cost! You can also click for nutritional information on any recipe – Cook’n has nutritional facts from the labels of over 10,000 food products. You can even compare different brands to choose the best option for you and your family.

The Cook’n program also comes with free companion apps for your Android, iPhone, iPad, or Kindle. Rather than have to print out a recipe (or drag your laptop into the kitchen!), you can just view that night’s recipe on your smartphone or tablet sitting on the kitchen counter.


Make sure you check out Tara’s full review of the Cook’n Recipe Organizer!


One lucky reader is going to win a download of this great program to get organized in the kitchen. The giveaway will run from February 22, 2014 to March 7, 2014 at 11:59pm EST and is open to U.S. and Canadian residents ages 18 and older. The winner will be contacted by email and will have 48 hours to respond and claim his/her prize.


Enter using the Giveaway Tools widget below – good luck!

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Tara from Dividing by Zero received products from this sponsor to facilitate her review; all opinions remain her own. Participating blogs are not responsible for prize fulfillment; sponsor is solely responsible for prize fulfillment.

Truthful Thursdays

Truthful Thursdays

Where I will share my truths as a Mother & Stepmother.

My Truths for Today & a couple of questions!

  1. I am working on Ezra’s first birthday party which is bittersweet, and it occurred to me that I have never shared with you all how our sweet little Ezra came into our lives. I was working and just finished my second to last semester of college, in the least to say I was very busy. Rey had left to run a camp over the summer in the mountains. I was talking with my sister one night on the phone in late June and we got on the topic of pregnancy as she was pregnant at the time herself. Remembering it now, it was like I had just put together a puzzle that was still missing one piece. I started recalling all these symptoms I had been having lately that weirdly resembled my first two pregnancies in some ways. Then we were both like wait it couldn’t be…I am on birth control and not a birth control I could accidentally skip -it was an implant-an IUD. While chatting, we both decided to do some research and see if it was even possible, and if it could occur, how often. The odds we small but we still found many horror stories about women getting pregnant with an IUD. I was so sick with worry the next morning I went to have a test done…I waited…the longest wait in the world. The nurse came back and said you’re pregnant, it’s positive! My jaw dropped..What? How is that possible? Is the baby okay? I had so many questions! She was so calm it angered me! She sat me down and the first thing she asked was are you keeping the baby? I was still in shock and now offended…Yes! Then we went over the complications with the IUD. Simply put we had a choice to either leave the IUD in risking birth defects or complications at birth or risk losing the baby if I had it taken out. We decided to have it removed. Every OB/GYN said it was way too risky and since I was not a regular patient they wouldn’t be able to take that kind of risk. Finally we found one who would! We had it done. A few cramps later the baby and I were just fine. We thought we were done having children, but God had other plans for us and gave us this sweet baby boy. 🙂
  2. I do have one question for you all tonight. Do you take a birth control? Why or why not? If you do, have you experienced any complications with it?

These are my truths and a question, I hope you will weigh in on BOTH!

Happy Thursday! 🙂 It’s almost Friday!

We’re having a show your #DisneySide Celebration!

We have been selected to host a show your #DisneySide party! You probably recall my super excited instagram post when the box arrived!


We are so happy to be hosting this party and the kids are so EXCITED too!! We really love Disney! Our Friday Movie Nights usually include a Disney Movie. The girls love to dress up as Disney Princesses and love so many more of Disney’s iconic characters from Doc McStuffins to Nemo. Our boys love Mickey Mouse, the whole Toy Story family, as well as the whole Pirates of the Caribbean crew.

We can’t wait to share all the fun and festivities of this party with you all!

In the meantime have a peek of the amazing goodies that we received from Disney, American Tourister, HP, Hanes, Ocean Spray, and The Chew.

Disneyside2 Disneyside3 Disneyside4

I would like to send out a big THANK YOU to Maria BaileyDisneyAmerican TouristerHP,  Hanes,  Ocean Spray, and The Chew for helping us host a fun, magical ‪#‎DisneySide party! Blog post coming soon…I can’t wait to share it with you all!

Humio Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier with LED Night Lamp & Aroma Oil Compartment

Humio Humidifier Review

Thanks to Moms Meet I was sent a Humio Humidifier at a reduced rate in exchange for my honest review of this product. For more information please see my PR and Disclosure Policy Page.  

Every mother knows nothing is worse in the world than having a sick child whom you cannot comfort, but thanks to this Humio Humidifier you can and will be able to comfort your child in more than one way! It is the BEST-THE BEST humidifier on the market! I have used three different drug store brands…a heated one and two cool mist ones, but those will NEVER be as good as this one! Those just don’t have as many great features as the Humio. One really great feature is your infant won’t be terrified of it like it’s some kind of growling monster because it is so quiet you can’t even hear it! Just hear-well read me out on this one-trust me this is what you have been waiting for!


Amazing Features:

1. 360° Rotating Mist Outlet – A rotating nozzle designed to easily change the direction of the mist by twisting it.

2. Removable Neck – Unscrews for easier cleaning and can be used as a handle when transporting the water tank for refills.

3. Half Gallon Water Tank – Approx. stores up to 2L (.5 gal) of distilled water for up to 10 hours of use per tank.

4. Positioning Points – Help to identify the correct position where the water tanks rests on the base.

5. On/Off Night Light Button- Adjust Humio to your desired setting with the touch of a button you will have the lights on or off.

6. On/Off Humidifier Button- Adjust Humio to your desired setting with the touch of a button. Each function can operate independently and can be used simultaneously.

7. Aroma Oil Compartment with Sponge- Add your favorite essential oil to the sponge and enjoy the aromatic experience.


The night lamp featuring the LED lights is such a bonus! I love that it isn’t too bright but so subtle and soothing. You can also click the night light button or #5 up above to stop on your favorite color. Shh..don’t tell my kids they will fight over which color to stop on.


Humio also offers a line of aromatic essential oils to use in their humidifiers or you can use your favorite blends. We tried out the lavender and the peppermint. The lavender was so relaxing and enjoyable, I seriously use it all day. When my little ones were sick, the peppermint worked wonders for their stuffy little noses. The kids all want one in their rooms so they won’t wake up with hard, dry, stuffy noses-that’s how amazing it is!


Right now you can purchase a Humio Humidifier for 20% off from Tribest Life using the coupon code HAPPYMOMS-Only until February 28th. You can also use this code on refurbished Humios as well as other products on their site like their essential oils. I am going to ask the Hubby right now if we can purchase a second one, refurbished of course with this amazing offer, since it is impossible to just have one sick kid in our house.

You can also enter to win a Humio Humidifier from their facebook page, which would be amazing-I love free! Remember you can’t win it if you don’t enter!

Here is my video review if you prefer vlogging over traditional blogging!

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