Healthy Home-Detoxifying Your Food Colors & Dyes


This is a touchy topic to talk about with mothers because no one wants to be a bad mother or do something that could hurt their child, but what you don’t know could do exactly that. Knowledge is power. 🙂

I hope to inform and empower you with the knowledge to make the best choices for your family and children through this post.

Here are some facts about dyes:

study for colors

This table was taken from the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Food Dyes: A Rainbow of Risks Full Report  and shows the dyes which are on the market and the studies which have been done on them. In summary, you can see that 4 of them caused allergic reactions, 3 of them are known to contain carcinogenic (cancer causing) compounds, and some of them produced tumors. Yellow #5 showing in studies to directly impact hyperactivity in children.


After reading the first table and now reading this table, we now know these dyes are harmful, but the impact of how harmful they are depends on how often you are putting them into your mouth and onto your skin. In 2009, there was 15 million pounds of dye on the market. It is in everything from cereal, fruit snacks, juice, lotion, bubble bath, and soap. Only you have the power to control how much of this your family is getting.

Let’s face it, big companies that we trust to provide our families with food-DO NOT-love and care about our children the way we do. They see $ on our children’s heads, which is where the motivation to create cheaper, brighter foods comes from. It’s our jobs as mothers to weed out these money hungry companies who risk our children health and in turn find companies which truly care about our families well-being.

 We can fight back and help change the market by signing petitions like these:


This is Trenton from the Shutter’s family giving artificial food dyes a thumbs down. Click the picture to sign his petition which asks Mars, the maker of M&M’s candies, to stop coloring its products with petroleum-based artificial food dyes.


The International Dairy Foods Association, and the National Milk Producers Federation have put forth a petition to the FDA in which they are requesting that the FDA approve a measure that allows them to add artificial sweeteners to 17 dairy products, without having to disclose that they contain artificial sweeteners as an ingredient. To sign Jessica’s petition click the picture.


Many companies misrepresent their products as “all natural” to lure consumers to buy their products. It’s not that consumers want companies to stop using GMOs it’s just that consumers have the right to know if the products they are buying are made with GMOs. This petition is seeking consumers, who want to be aware of what’s in their food. Click the picture to sign the petition.


A couple months ago, I found out that one of my favorite drinks, Gatorade’s Orange, contained brominated vegetable oil (BVO). According to Scientific American and other news reports, BVO is patented as a flame retardant and has been banned in Europe and Japan. Click the picture to sign this petition.

Sign Vani’s (Food Babe) petition and check out this article where Food Babe exposes other companies who exploit Americans. Vani launch this yesterday and I decided I would fully support by sharing it in my post and today Subway has announced they are making the change! Proof that we can change the food industry for the better!

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