5 Dinners in 1 Hour


Have you heard of 5 Dinners in 1 Hour or have you seen this button on my side bar?


If you want effortless, delicious weeknight dinners your family will love, I would like to tell you about this great program!

They make meal planning as easy as 1-2-3 and you’re done!

  1. SHOP-They will send you a menu and list that is ready for the grocery store
  2. PREP-They will send you detailed 1 hour preparation instructions to have 5 meals ready to go each week!
  3. COOK-Then all that is left to do is set the timer bake, broil, slow cook, or grill and serve your family healthy food!

I understand how busy we can all get with work, housework, homework, school functions, and kids after school activities. Sometimes we just have to serve our families a fast food drive thru dinner, but I always feel so guilty afterwards…I could have prepped ahead and avoided this and now this program gives me no excuses to do just that.

They offer three different Menu types (Each menu plan feeds 4-6. Each menu plan includes a menu, grocery list, preparations directions, side dish suggestions, and cooking instructions.):

  • Classic- Save time, money, and calories with this menu.
  • Clean Eating- Offers Natural/Organic meals with easy to find familiar ingredients that are kid and budget friendly.
  • Gluten Free- Give those who eat gluten free an easy way to do so.

They also offer 3 different types of subscriptions:

  1. 3 months of menus for $20.00
  2. 6 months of Menus for $40.00
  3. 12 months of Menus for $72.00 PLUS access to 6 months of archives.

You can also test them out risk free by signing up to receive a sample menu! Just click here to do so.

You can also see a sample of a grocery list , an example of a clean eating menu, and an example of a gluten free menu on their site.

Hope this will help you out on your menu planning journey! They have really given me some great ideas and tools to use in my own! 🙂


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