The BFF Crew!


The BFF Crew is a book series which celebrates diversity and the power of friendship. I had the opportunity to read two books in this series with my kiddos and together we came up with a quick book report for each!



The BFF Crew Be-U-Tee-Full!

Picture Book with great to the point illustrations.

The book is about two best friends, Cali and Lyvia. Lyvia comes to visit Cali with horrible news which turns into wonderful news with the help of Cali. One of our favorite part was when Lyvia started to love her glasses because she saw another side to them with Cali’s help. We had a good laugh when Cali clomps down the stairs and says “Tada I’m here!”. The book really made us feel warmhearted about friendship when we could see how much each friend cared about the other and gave hugglez. We recommend this book to every little girl!


The BFF Crew The Meanie Kiwi

Picture Book with bright to the point illustrations. This book was a bit longer than the first and was more appropriate for Julie (9) and Sadie’s age range (4) rather than Cay’s age range (3).

This book is about a how a Meanie Kiwi can really turn out to be someone great once you get to know them. It’s a great story of how a little understanding can create a great friendship and Cali shows everyone just how to do this. One of our favorite parts was when they both were on the floor giggling till happy tears came out. Another great part is when the Meanie Kiwi was comfortable and brave enough to apologize for the mean things she had done. It is a lovely story teaching children a great way to tackle the tough issue of bullying. We recommend this to all children!


I also wanted to share an amazing thing the BFF Crew is doing! In 2014 they will be donating a portion from every copy in the series of The BFF Crew stories, to Feed The Children. As part of their mission to support the health of children and families, they are thrilled to be able to donate to an organization that is helping provide hope and essential resources to those in need.

We can’t wait for the next installment of the BFF Crew! Connect with them below to keep up to date on the next release!


You can find the BFF Crew on Facebook, Twitter, and at

I was sent an electronic copy of these books to facilitate my review. All ideas and thoughts about the book are my own and were not influenced by outside sources. For more information see the PR & Disclosure Page.


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