Moises Arias & Willow Smith’s Drama from this Mother’s Point of View


I am sure you have seen this drama by now! It is everywhere-it was even on my local news! Jada and Will Smith’s daughter Willow was photographed with Moises Arias better know as Rico from Hannah Montana in our house. The drama is that he is 20, while she is only 13, his shirt is off and the speculation is stewing!

My opinion: #1 It is only scandalous if we make it-we do not know the nature of their relationship.

#2 Will and Jada have been in this industry for a long time and I am sure they have taught their children well.

#3 From my experience and what I have seen it looks like this is just a very close brotherly friendship. Moises Arias has been photographed with the family MANY times! I had a few close guy friends, that were a bit older growing up too, who were nothing more. Although on the other hand in today’s world I can see how we can quickly jump to “he is much older and needs to be no where around a young teen girl” especially with his shirt off.

Sound off-Let me know what you think?

I do not have teen children yet, I will soon! Please share your experience in parenting teens.


2 thoughts on “Moises Arias & Willow Smith’s Drama from this Mother’s Point of View

  1. eunkyungsuh says:

    I think you have a healthy perspective on what is implied by this image. It is kind of ambiguous as far as if it is sexual or not. I would rather not have my daughter this close to a guy, but that is just me knowing this twisted world.

    I think Jada is a strong woman who would raise her daughter to be similarly strong. The parents did not seem on guard about this photo so I just leave it at that. Good conversation starter!

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