Truthful Thursdays

Truthful Thursdays


Where I will share my truths as a Mother & Stepmother.

My truths for today & a question!

  1. It has been a long week…and we are ready for summer!
  2. Planning a family vacation is so stressful! I had no idea I would be so worried about it. I don’t want to disappoint the kids or kill the Hubby with the budget. I am trying to cut back so much in order to get our family (2 adults and 5 children) on our dream vacation this summer. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! πŸ™‚
  3. I am thankfully getting more and more sponsored post here on the blog which means, I am compensated in either gift cards, a payment through paypal, or products-which for our family means being able to save more for vacation! I have to give you all-MY READERS A BIG THANK YOU because without you, this would not be possible! Thank you for following along and entering my giveaways!
  4. Does anyone else stray from their routine this time of year? I really feel like I have completely abandoned my routine!

These are my truths and a question, I hope you will weigh in onΒ BOTH!

Happy Late Thursday!


2 thoughts on “Truthful Thursdays

  1. gigi borden says:

    seriously planning a family vacation is definitely the worst stress! especially the bigger the family! UGH!

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