Truthful Thursday

Truthful Thursdays

Where I will share my truths as a Mother & Stepmother.

My truths for today & a question!

  1. Sadie’s 5th Birthday party is fast approaching today is the 5th and we are having it on the 7th! I am a party go all outer-I am it’s an addiction, I will admit but I just want her to have fun birthdays that she will always remember because hey I really only get about 18 of these if I am lucky and each one I will make sure is the best one yet! This year she is having a Pinkalicous Party I will write a post about the planning probably late tonight and one after the party, too. Are you a big Birthday Party person or not so much frills?
  2. I am also planning another Pop-Up! (The day before Sadie’s Party-a little stressful, but hey I am doing ALL I can to get us to Disney! I am very excited about getting my Chloe + Isabel business out there! I will give you all an update post on that one too! Have you checked out my Chloe+Isabel line yet? Find it here.
  3. The kids are really enjoying these two weeks at my moms house getting to visit with grandma and great grandma. We are keeping them busy with the summer reading program, and the splash pad. What do you do to keep busy during summer?
  4. Planning a family vacation is still so stressful! We are still working out the plan. My Mom and her husband and my three brothers are going, plus my sisters family, and our family so we are trying to work it out so that we will get to spend most of it together, but it is kind of going sideways. We are still so excited and can’t wait!! Caydence asks everyday are we going to Disneyland yet?

These are my truths and a few questions, I hope you will weigh in on BOTH!

Happy Early Thursday! (I think I am going to make this a really good habit posting early!)


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