Mary Kay Review + My Favs

Mary Kay Review


I had the pleasure of attending a Mary Kay Party at my sister’s house this past month. I was able to test so many great products from Mary Kay. If you have never been to a Mary Kay Party let me give you a little heads up, you will enjoy the pampering! Our consultant Tara was amazing! She helped us find the right products for our individual skin type and helped us clarify our skin types. She was so generous, we tested out all the facial products, and then applied numerous shades of blush, eye shadows, lip sick and lip gloss. Here are a few I fell in love with!

Mary Kay @ Play in Earth bound Review by Mom 2 54321

This is the Mary Kay @ Play eye shadow in Earth Bound. I love this one the MOST! I feel it goes with my skin color and brown eyes so well. I used the lighter shade as a highlight, then the brown shade as my crease color, and the green shade as a liner. These colors really kept up with me all day-at the end of the day, Rey even noticed it when he got home from work.

Mary Kay @ Play in Sunset Beach Review by Mom 2 54321

This one is also a Mary Kay @ Play eye shadow in Sunset Beach. I really thought I would be able to play with the purple but at the last-minute I actually subbed in the brown from the Earth Bound instead. I used the lighter white color as my highlight, the coral color-which is the whole reason I had to have this trio-as my crease, and the brown color from the Earth Bound trio as my liner. I will play around with the purple color and see how I like it + post to instagram to show you all.

Mary Kay's Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss in Fancy Nancy Review by Mom 2 54321


This is Fancy Nancy and I love her!! This color is just so perfect for my everyday wear. Not too flashy, but just the right amount of SPARKLE & GLAM-I LOVE IT! I also love that it smells heavenly, isn’t sticky, and is so moisturizing.

I can’t wait to head back for more! I really want to get the bronzer and a few blushes next!

You can find Tara on Facebook by clicking here and see what Mary Kay has to offer you.Β 

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