Truthful Thursdays

Truthful Thursdays


Where I will share my truths as a Mother & Stepmother.

My truths for today.

  1. I am addicted to ebay…its bad I just found it and it is the holy grail of Barbie finds-some good-some just plain outrageous! I have been able to get a few good steals even after shipping. Here are a few of my purchases this week. Ebay Addiction
  2. We are very excited about the upcoming Fourth of July holiday! What are your Fourth of July traditions or plans this year? We hope to catch a light parade, cook out and enjoy the day and then watch the fire works with family!
  3. I am still working on the Pinkalicious post, the Getting Ready for Kindergarten Series, and the a GIVEAWAY for a Good Cook fruit bowl that you are going to love!
  4. This time of the year I have to admit I am still pretty off track (lazy), barley shower every other day and usually stay in PJ’s all day with the kiddos. Unless we have to go grocery shopping then I must get dressed. :/ Someone, anyone please tell me I am not the only one. 

These are my truths of the week, I hope you share yours!

Happy Thursday!


3 thoughts on “Truthful Thursdays

  1. DG Middendorf says:

    I can tell you are dealing with a girl. I used to look at things like this and now all I shop for and see are Transformers and super heros. I guess that isn’t completely true. I’m pretty good at shopping for Sesame Street items!

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