Pinkalicious Party

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If you don’t know who, or what, Pinkalicous is, it’s a book series from Victoria Kann based on a little girl who loves pink, cupcakes, and her imaginary unicorn Goldilicous. We actually won a set of three books about a year ago and Sadie immediately fell in love with them! Which is why she wanted to have a Pinkalicous themed party.


Dress up and photo ops are always fun! We got the props from the Dollar Store.


We posted a Pinkitius warning on the front door that I created, so cute!  I found the idea on Pinterest, but created my own.

Most of the party decor was clearance from Valentine’s Day. I plan far in advance for parties and stock up on clearance items to save money.

We also had green food to go goodie bags to help the kids cure their pinkitius.

These are the links for the signs I created. The true blue cure for PINKITIUS WARNING Pinkitius


I was determined to make this cake I found on pinterest! I tried to and learned ALOT! I used marshmallow fondant, regular icing, and I used a mix of regular cake mix and pound cake mix.

Tip #1 Use dowels for a layered cake, #2 Keep it in the fridge until party time, #3 Always have twice as much icing as you think you will need, and lastly, #4 Use pound cake much more sturdy.


This was one of our photo opportunities and it turned out amazing, thanks to my mom! She did a great job! All the supplies came from Wal-Mart and the Dollar Store.


Pin the Cherry on the Cupcake.

Another creation from my mom.


Here are our sweets and treats on our amazing lemonade stand-that my mom and brother made.

We served pink popcorn, pink pretzels, pink lolipops, pink marshmallow pops, and of course pink lemonade.

We also let the kids color a pink cupcake and decorate their own wand.

Here is the link to my Pinkalicous Party Board on Pinterest where I get all my party planning ides from.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you found some inspiration.


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