Meatless Monday

Today I wanted to share more from Kalyn’s Kitchen-you know because she is so amazing. She creates and shares seasonal, low glycemic index meals for healthy eating, weight loss, and blood sugar control.

Meatless Monday roundup from Kalyn's Kitchen

Starting from the left we have a Green Chile and Pinto Bean Layered Mexican Casserole. I am a green chile freak and this recipe sounds and looks amazing. I really love how Kalyn gives great pictures tutorials with great step by step directions. I would keep some beans on the side for the kids as well as make some rice.

The next recipe is the an Asian Quinoa Salad. I give a little tidbit on the great benefits of Quinoa in this recipe here. Quinoa is amazing especially in this salad as it combines with sugar snap peas, red bell pepper, celery, and green onion. Did I mention it has a great homemade dressing that goes over top.

The last recipe for this Monday is the Greek Spinach and Kale Salad with Feta-Lemon Vinaigrette. It looks lovely, I am a big Greek-food fan now! Thanks to my sister, she introduced me to a Greek salad a while back and I am forever grateful.

Big thanks to Kalyn’s Kitchen for creating these amazing recipes for moms, like me, to search and pin for easy dinner or lunch ideas!

Happy Meatless Monday!

Find more Meatless Monday recipes by clicking here.




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