Getting Ready for Kindergarten-The Learning Journey International Review

Getting Ready for Kindergarten The Learning Journey International

I had the wonderful opportunity to try a few products from The Learning Journey International. The Learning Journey has been making children’s toys since, 1995, and makes toys that foster developmental growth. They take pride in knowing their toys are not just for fun, but also helping reinforce great skills children need to be successful in school.

The Learning Journey International Early Learning On the Go Keys

The first toy my little man, Ezra had the joy of playing with was the Early Learning On The Go Keys. I can’t tell you how many times he has stolen my purse only to get my keys and press the buttons consequently turning on the alarm.  Which is why this toy grabs his attention so much. It has two buttons, one which sounds like an alarm, and the other which play melodies of nursery rhymes. This toy fosters the development of hand-eye coordination, can be used to reinforce colors, and also cause and effect.

The Learning Journey International Fun with ShapesThis toy is so much fun! It comes with 4 different shape boards and 24 different shapes.  My girls really enjoyed this and Ezra showed interest in it as well. Sadie and Caydence were able to use it on their own and successfully place all the pieces in the boards. I reinforced the names of the shapes for Sadie, allowed her to sort the 24 shapes into different groups, like colors, like shapes, but also counted how many were in each group. When working with Caydence we talked about the scenes of the puzzles, talked about the shapes colors and names. When working with Ezra I focused on the names of the shapes and helping him successfully hold and place the pieces where they belonged. This toy is a great example of the many different developmental stages that can benefit from this toy and how the parent/teacher can create a successful learning environment by focusing on what the child’s next step of skills are.

The Learning Journey International Glow in the Dark Puzzle

The Puzzle Doubles! Glow in the Dark Wildlife Puzzle is so fascinating. It features bright bold colors in a captivating scene that has a toucan, a lion, an elephant, a spotted hyena, a lemur, a cheetah, a giraffe, a gorilla, a zebra, an vulture, a hyena and a gazelle. My girls really enjoy puzzles and they absolutely love this one and have put it together at least once a day since we received it then have to leave it until night time so they can see it glow. This puzzle when they put it together individually helps them practice problem solving skills, fine motor skills, and helps them practice patients. Furthermore, when they work together to put the puzzle together they also practice important communication skills, and cooperation skills.

The Learning Journey International Magnetic Count & Learn

The Magnetic Count and Learn board is so versatile in the many different developmental areas you can cover. This board is great!

The Learning Journey International Magnetic Count & Learn Review

It comes with many number magnets, two equation signs, two addition, two subtraction, two division, and two multiplication.

The Learning Journey's Magnetic Number Board Caydence The Learning Journey's Magnetic Number Board

Sadie was able to practice counting by selecting the numbers from a mixed up pile. While Caydence was able to practice counting after I lined the number up in the correct order because she is still developing that when she says one, there is a symbol for that number. Later Sadie will be able to practice her addition and subtraction facts. Julie will be able to practice her Multiplication and Division facts.

Head over The Learning Journey International’s Facebook Page to keep up to date on all the latest in sales and giveaways! Also check out their website for great educational tools!


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