Getting Ready for Kindergarten-Lunch Box Ideas

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Getting Ready for Kindergarten Lunch Box Ideas

This school year I am hoping to send the kids to school with more lunches from home. I have been searching for ideas and I can’t wait to share what I found! My first goal was to add more fruits and veggies that the kids will want to eat. Below are ideas I think are perfect for accomplishing this goal.

Fruit5Aren’t these fruit ideas great! I love how pinterest, can pretty much solve any of my food dilemmas! 
Fruit Collage 1 The next thing on my wishlist are these Alphabet Cookie Cutters-they are SO CUTE!

I was able to snag these  Flower Vegetable Cutters and these Freshware 12-Pack Square Silicone Reusable Baking Cups that I am going to use to spruce up the kids lunch.

Lunch Box Tools

Plus I found a ton of great veggie ideas on pinterest too.

VeggieCollage VeggieCollage1

Now the next goal was allowing a little more freedom for the older children and if you have a few older kids like I do, then they will probably want to pack their own lunch. (Then remind you to add the treat.) Here are some great graphics to aid in their lunch packing.

How to pack your own lunchThis graphic was made by Kristen from Rage Against The Mini Van and can really help make sure kids don’t forget anything when packing their lunch.


This sandwich guide is super helpful in allowing kids options, but it still makes sure they cover all the basics. This graphic comes from Amy over at Super Healthy Kids.

Our kids normal lunch consist of a nitrate free meat, cheese, and bread. They are not big peanut butter fans, but they sure do love Nutella. Sadie really, really loves tuna salad so I will be adding that to my lunch routine for her. They usually pick a cookie cutter to cut their sandwich and that’s about all the cuteness they get as far as sandwiches go. I did find a few cute variations for this year though which was the last goal-to have a few more sandwich or non-sandwich ideas.


And when they get tired of sandwiches I found these Non-Sandwich ideas for their lunch boxes from Keeley McGuire.

easy non-sandwich school lunch box ideas

I also came across this post from Kendra over at Biting the Hand that Feeds You with tons of pizza themed ideas I just know my pizza lovers will adore!

Over 50 different FUN ways to skip the cafeteria and send pizza to school!

I hope you all are inspired to create fun festive lunches for your children! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

Credit for these great ideas and photos that I used in the collages:

Summer DIY Project: Edible Fruit Kabob Place Cards

Creative Food Plates

Chocolate Covered Banana Split Bites

Flower Fruit Pops

Lunch Box Food Ideas – Vegetables

Just for Kix: Veggie Monsters!

Just for Kix: How to Make Simple Veggie Bugs

Mini Veggie Sushi

A Bright and Beautiful Veggie Rainbow 

Bon Voyage! Turn Your Veggies Into Boats

Fun snacks for kids

Fun Back to School Recipes & Ideas from Sara Lee

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