Getting Ready for Kindergarten-The Wrap-Up

Getting Ready for Kindergarten


I wanted to post a wrap-up to the Getting Ready for Kindergarten Series to tie it all together and link you to each post in the series so you don’t miss out on anything.

#1 The first post what the overview of Kindergarten and Early Childhood Education. What I like to call the Overview. It’s long but it has what I think are the core and heart of Early Childhood Education and Kindergarten.

#2 The Second post is the Learning Journey International Review. Which highlights a few toys which cover many skills needed for Kindergarten.

#3 The third post is the Lunch Box Ideas. Which is one of my favorites in this series because I know it will brighten up the kids day.

/#4 The fourth post is the Fundanoodle Review and Giveaway 7/25-8/16 post. This is my favorite post because we are having so much fun with these learning kits and covering so many skills that will ensure my kids are ready for kindergarten. Plus thanks to Fundanoodle you all have the opportunity to win the sets I was able to review.

#5 The fifth post Professionals in the field weigh in on what a Kindergartener should know. I really enjoyed getting this post together because I was able to reach out to a few friends in the field for help.

#6 The sixth post I made to “simplify” all the skills needed for kindergarten, it’s the Skills to Master post.

#7 The seventh post is Preparing for a Smooth Transition. I think every parent hopes for this with their new kindergartener and these are my tips for getting there. If you have some of your own please share!

#8 The eighth post 5 things to have + More Resources. I share my top 5 picks for what you need plus more great resources.


I really enjoyed getting this series together because Early Childhood Education is one of my passions in life. I hope you all have found some useful information to help your little ones prepare for Kindergarten.

Thanks for reading, Natasha.



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