Truthful Thursdays #TT


Truthful Thursdays

Where I will share my truths as a Mother & Stepmother.

My truths for today.

  1. After being a snot wiping, vomit catching, soup making Momma who eventually was so sick myself I passed out early Thursday night-I am finally able to write some posts. Just to give you an idea of how early, by the time Dad and the older kids arrived home from practice the whole house was asleep including me. This week has truly reminded me just how thankful I am for our health.
  2. As a parent we often have to do things that aren’t easy and one of those things is realizing that you may not have been doing as good in the parenting department as you thought. This week after a great two weeks into school I am emailed twice by a teacher and then get a handful of questionable papers. Just so you have an idea what I am talking about we were informed our student had hid homework in his desk, then we had a handful of low grades, and lastly just sloppy work, no name papers, and crumbled papers. I was shocked-two weeks in I thought I made my expectations clear on what was acceptable and what was going to have some consequences. Then I thought more…maybe I put too much pressure or maybe I have put too much on the kid’s plate with 3 practices and a game a week-in addition to school work. While the matter is still being discussed with the teacher, Dad and I do believe both the child and ourselves need to reorganize and find something that works for us all. One thing that we did let slip was T.V. They were watching it after they finished up homework-T.V. is now gone on Monday-Friday (with the exception of movie Friday). Another thing is that 6th grade is much more responsibility on the child’s part and we need to come up with great tools for this child to use to help him stay organized, neat, and on track. Anyone deal with this or have any great ideas on organization at school and tips with time management for kids? 

These are my truths of the week, I hope you share yours!

It’s way past Thursday but I still wanted to share these thoughts with you all.

Have a great weekend!


One thought on “Truthful Thursdays #TT

  1. Janet W. says:

    I had a few months towards the end of last year where it seemed someone was sick in our household. We just kept passing things around to each other and it felt like it would never end!

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