Wordless Wednesday with Linky #WW



A couple of weeks ago Cay was helping me sort beans the way my grandmother had taught me. Pick out all the old, broken, and rotten ones, and little rocks too. After all the horrific new coverage over the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson-it got me thinking-what if an idea, our elders have in some way either knowingly or unknowingly pasted onto us is discriminatory, much like my grandmother taught me to distinguish the good beans from the bad. Just a thought.


Our drive in the mountains.

Last Weeks:

No matter what, we will always have our memories and our bonds that hold us together, forever.

Pick our Halloween Costume

Football Practice, these two are my day, and park fun.

Rained out and a peek at Cay’s Frozen Party!

A Birthday and Playtime

Back to School

Another peek at our 1st Family Vacation!

A peek at our 1st Family Vacation!

4th of July Weekend

C+I Merchie Meet-Up


Sadie’s is 5

Summer Time Fun-Splash Pad

Not so Happy

Zoo Fun

Mother’s Day

El Paso Zoo


Dessert Easter

Our Lady of the Sierras

More Family Fun

Flag Football

Girl’s Movie Night

Just Us

My Little Girls

My Love


Family Fun

Ezzie’s First


My Baby Playing

Too Cool

Places we have lived

Snack Time

Wiped Out

My Baby

Deserving Dad

Messiest Room Ever

Blue in the Face


2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday with Linky #WW

  1. It’s true that a lot of hate is learned or passed down from less informed times. Sad, but true. But sorting those beans you’re going to eat is still a good idea. We just have tp learn to sort out our beliefs as well 🙂

    Thanks for linking up at Raising My Boys!

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