DIY School Spirit Jewelry from House of Gems

 Disclosure: I was sent products to facilitate my review. DIY School Spirit Jewelry from House of Gems

I recently found House of Gems and I am so excited because I was just talking to the girls about making them school spirit jewelry for their assemblies. The class with the most school spirit gets the spirit stick and wins extra playtime-pretty important stuff! As I browsed their site for the perfect beads I was so entranced by the variety of all the pretty sparkling beads! There are so many to choose from they really have something to fit everybody’s style. I picked the acrylic beads and the pave beads! They came in so many colors and they were the brightest and sparkiest-perfect for showing off school spirit.

House of Gems Review

I love that they came nicely sorted and were ready to use! I picked the stretchy string in black for our stringing material because I felt it offered the best durability and flexibility. The day the box arrived we had to get to work their was just no waiting-the girls were so excited to design their own jewelry.

Here is the DIY step by step for creating a Necklace

  1. Measure the child’s head around the ears then add two extra inches for the knots.
  2. Make a knot at one end to hold the beads. Tie the knot at least 4-5 times to ensure the beads won’t slip off. With this stretchy string I found to secure the knot I had to stretch it out.
  3. Make the pattern or design of your necklace. I had the girls lay out their pattern on a rimmed plate which worked nicely.
  4. Next string your beads.
  5. After all the beads are strung tie the necklace ends together. Here is a nice tutorial to help with tying.

*To make a bracelet measure the child’s wrist and add an extra inch and a half then follow the same step for the necklace.

House of Gems School Spirit Jewelry

We used the pave tube bar as an accent on the necklaces which the girls just loved!  In the bracelets we use the pave beads as accents to add a bit more sparkle.

DIY Jewelry

They are so proud of their designs and ready for spirit day! Thank you so much to House of Gems for your awesome beads and strechy string!

If you would like to learn more about House of Gems you can connect with them via:

Facebook Page:



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