Flashback Friday

Today I wanted to share something fun with you all. Remember when I was on my Ebay kick and went Barbie crazy? Well I found so many old Barbie toys from my childhood and other great toys. I want to share them with you all and see if you remember any of these.

I would seriously lock myself in the playroom at my grandma’s house and play Barbies ALL DAY LONG! Am I a weirdo? Did anyone else pretend play solo? I remember my sister would never want to play Barbies with me because I had to control the story line-the control freak in me started young!

$_57 Screenshot_2014-06-21-23-26-34 Screenshot_2014-06-21-23-32-29 Screenshot_2014-06-21-23-36-27 Screenshot_2014-06-21-23-38-29 Screenshot_2014-06-21-23-40-03 Screenshot_2014-06-21-23-40-20 Screenshot_2014-06-21-23-40-39

Polly Pockets

My Grandma bought me a huge collection of these at a garage sale and I just fell in love with them! I would get a big old wooden chalk board and draw a town and place each Polly Pocket house in its place. I would make roads and use my brothers matchbox convertible cars as Polly Pocket cars. The good old days when life was all about play.

Screenshot_2014-06-21-23-45-12Screenshot_2014-06-21-23-45-51Screenshot_2014-06-21-23-47-27Screenshot_2014-06-21-23-50-00Screenshot_2014-06-21-23-50-46Screenshot_2014-06-21-23-21-52 Screenshot_2014-06-21-23-25-59Screenshot_2014-06-21-23-21-52

Fashion Plates

I could design for hours with this toy!


What toys do you remember from your childhood?


Love your comments, input, and opinions! Please share...

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