Wordless Wednesday with Linky #WW

10563147_357043054447248_9095609499869386733_n10382834_873991605945627_4159665000192756836_nI love selling Chloe + Isabel jewelry!  C+I jewelry is my fav because they offer a lifetime warranty which means so much to me as a mother because accidents happen-a lot! 


 I just started with Scentsy and love it! Scent is such a beautiful sense we all have, scent is also tied to so many precious memories. I love Scentsy because they are affordable for everyone and they are so useful. e56f3d03a6d653d90c8dbdd1c22d8aae

My businesses empower me, and I love that I can work on my own time.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy.

Last Weeks:

Big Week

Our first week in New Mexico.

Our drive in the mountains.

No matter what, we will always have our memories and our bonds that hold us together, forever.

Pick our Halloween Costume

Football Practice, these two are my day, and park fun.

Rained out and a peek at Cay’s Frozen Party!

A Birthday and Playtime

Back to School

Another peek at our 1st Family Vacation!

A peek at our 1st Family Vacation!

4th of July Weekend

C+I Merchie Meet-Up


Sadie’s is 5

Summer Time Fun-Splash Pad

Not so Happy

Zoo Fun

Mother’s Day

El Paso Zoo


Dessert Easter

Our Lady of the Sierras

More Family Fun

Flag Football

Girl’s Movie Night

Just Us

My Little Girls

My Love


Family Fun

Ezzie’s First


My Baby Playing

Too Cool

Places we have lived

Snack Time

Wiped Out

My Baby

Deserving Dad

Messiest Room Ever

Blue in the Face


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