1st Day of School!


Summer is this amazing time for the kids of course! No school, no bedtime….just freedom. I will admit I love it too because I get to relax with them, once my vacation time kicks in. Once my vacation is over I am struggling with work, providing 3 hopefully healthy full meals, and 8 to a million snacks a day! Plus the constant me vs. them struggle for a screen time balance. And by the end of summer I am burned out, have no real routine, and no set schedule. I feel so lost by the time school rolls around again-the struggle is real. I tried to planning my back to school shopping early, and getting the kids on a routine two weeks before school starts. School started today and my kids were ready to go on time and they have their clothes picked out for the week. Major Mom Win! We will see how day 2 goes tomorrow. I still need to work on some other aspects to keep our school routine running smoothly until the next major break Thanksgiving!

My back to school Goals:

  • Get a meal plan rotation going with Wal-Mart Free Grocery Pick-up. (Work in some sheet pan, crock pot, and freezer meals.)
  • Make the Chore Chart and be consistent. (I need a checks and balances in place for attitude. The kids voted for a chore and treat jar.)
  • Balance and work in some Me Time. (Exercise, Pampering, Reading, Blogging.)
  • Family Movie Night. We stopped these a while back and the kids want to bring them back.
  • Family Game Nights: Board Games, Video Games, Bowling, Laser Tag. (This was the kids idea and they wanted to add this to our Family for more fun.)
  • Family Competitions: Cupcake War, Pizza War, and Cookie War. (This was the kids idea and they wanted to add this to our Family for more fun.)

What are somethings you do to keep a great school routine?