Why I blog

Why I Blog

  1. I blog for me, my own self-reflection, outlet, and my own journal. It allows me to do something during my day that doesn’t involve cleaning, cooking, or wiping someone’s butt. It also allows me time to reflect and record my journey through motherhood and stepmotherhood.
  2. I blog for my family. My blog is in a way my families online scrapbook. It also allows me to be able to earn a tiny bit more in products I review, gift codes, and PayPal credit since I am not able to work outside the home at this time.
  3. I blog to be social, gain and give support. I want to share my unique journey especially as a stepmother and mother because I know it is not easy and I want to be a form of support for other stepmothers and mothers who are overwhelmed or feel alone.
  4. I blog to be able to share things that I love. As a blogger, I am able to try and share things I am passionate about and love. Good for Rey because he doesn’t have to always here my passionate rants, but bad for you all because you will.

Love your comments, input, and opinions! Please share...

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