Back to School Savings with Groupon Coupons! #Back2School #SaveMore


You all have heard of Groupon right!? Businesses post a group of tickets discounted or coupons to an activity, event, or restaurant for a discount but only a limited amount of items for that discounted price. It’s a great way for families especially bigger families like mine to save money! At this very moment, Groupon is even offering 25% off your first Groupon with code WELCOME at check out. Deals on top of deals? It doesn’t get any better than that but wait it does!

I just learned that Groupon launched coupons!!! I use coupons for everything they are like money just not green! On the Groupon site, here are 71 deals and coupons for Target. I LOVE TARGET! One of my absolute favorite deals for Target is $5.00 off $50.00 plus free shipping! Imagine how much more you can save on all the back to school cost hitting us right now! This deals is not only good online but, in store as well. They also have 30% off in their home department. I could shop Targets home décor section for hours. I can really get lost in there. While on the Groupon site be sure to check out all of the other retailers they offer deals and coupons for such as Aerie, Footlocker, Rue 21Payless, Office Depot/Office Max, Aeropostale, JCPenny, Famous Footwear and so much more! Don’t miss out on those extra savings on all the back to school purchases. Groupon has all of your shopping need covered!





ShearMadness #haircutsforkids


HELLO! Blogging world long time no talk, Eh? Well I had to jump on this offer and share all about Shear Madness! No, I am not talking about my motherhood journey although shear-madness is what I would describe it as. I am talking about a completely amazing place that got my kids to sit still for an amazing and affordable hair cut and not just the older ones…the…3 year old! (He is 4 now, but 3 the first time I took him in.) Yes he got a hair cut at Shear Madness and he looked so dang cute afterwards and he loved it!

Check out the offer below! And stay tuned to learn more about Shear Madness and our experience!


Save $2 OFF $20 purchase of services and/or retail on your first visit only @ShearMadness #haircutsforkids

The Perfect Summer Cure for Mosquitoes! #BlogReview #Summer #Bugsoff #USFG @ThermaCELL


I wrote a blog post recently about this amazing product Thermacell and I was actually able to test it out!

Today was the perfect evening to test it, the kids were playing outside with their neighborhood friends and I was watering the garden and grass. We live in south Texas and mosquitoes are always around. I also know how bad spraying my children with insect repellent every time they go outside can add up to negative consequences for their health. As Nadia said there can be phthalates, a group of industrial chemicals used to make plastics more flexible or resilient and also as solvents in bug repellents that we are putting onto our skin. Back to the Thermacell because I really like that it can protect my kids without me having to spray or slather them up with anything.


I put it together in under 2 minutes tops, it was really quite simply to assemble. It  was working in under 5 minutes and no sign of mosquitoes the whole time we were outside.

Thermacell is something I would recommend for everyone to have  when outside. I would have loved to take this camping earlier this summer. I can’t wait to bring it to the beach and daycare playground the mosquitoes are terrible there. I hope it keeps the flies away too! Next time we cookout I will let you all know.

Thermacell has the perfect design for your outing whether your relaxing in your own backyard, camping, or hunting.

You can grab you and your family one now and use code “FamilyGuide2016” at checkout on for 20% off your order of $40 or more!
Click here to get yours now!

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Why I love Cozi and Mint #FamilyOrganized

Why I love Cozi and Mint

Rey and I obsessed over a  marathon of Life or Debt this past weekend and really snapped that our families finances have seriously been neglected since we first moved to Texas. It’s been over a year that we have examined our budgets and financial plan. Clearly it’s a chore we both like to avoid and not one of our strong points.

I have always been a pen and paper kinda gal. I loved taking notes in school with all my different colored pens and decorating my planner till it looked like unicorn vomited on it. That had always been me, until I realized my family financial binder was failing our family and my paper planner couldn’t keep up with my hectic schedule. I needed to go virtual in order to get the time-saving tools I need, as well as the life saving email and text reminders.

I began my search for the best family calendar app. I wanted one that I could access from my laptop and cell phone. I wanted one that could link our entire family. I wanted one with great widgets and reminders. I wanted the impossible-as my hubby always says. Thank goodness I found Cozi because they have truly made it all happen! I learned about Cozi a few years ago and tried it out then but I wasn’t ready to leave my planner yet.

Cozi keeps everyone’s schedules and all your lists in one place the whole family can share. Check the family calendar, set reminders, and see lists from any computer or mobile device (PC/Mac, iOS, Android). Cozi is rated 4.5 stars in Google Play and iTunes and is the winner of multiple awards and accolades: Appy Award for Best Family App, Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal, Named Best App for your Personal Life by Mashable, Named Best App for a Better Life by NBC’s TODAY Show, and more. Cozi remembers everyone’s appointments, makes sure schedules are coordinated, and keeps track of shopping and to do lists—so you have more time for the fun stuff.

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Cozi has so many great features!

A few I love:

  • Color Coding Family Member
  • Multiple Calendar Schedules-that all mash into one
  • Laptop accessible and App with great widgets
  • Email/Text Reminders
  • Linked To Do List & Shopping List

Check out Cozi in this video!

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Now that our schedule was in order I could manage our time better and actually plan time to discuss our financial situation.

I tried Mint in college and decided to look them up again. I googled them and they rated really high on most sites. I logged in, and input all our accounts and instantly got the big picture. IT WAS AMAZING! It saved me SO MUCH TIME! I can access everything and  watch everything at the same time. I absolutely love it! I can literally see where every penny goes. I control it all-it’s very empowering!

Watch the video and give it a try! You seriously have to try it-once you do you will see the light and you will never go back.

I am able to create a budget for everything our family needs. Track those budgets easily and make adjustments to keep us on track. I really love that I can set goals for travel, the kids college savings, and paying off college debt.

They also have a MintBills which is equally awesome, give them a try to see if they can help your family avoid late fees.

Why I love Mint Bills

  • I can see all our bills & accounts in one place-no matter whose name they are under
  • Get reminders when bills are due-avoid late fees
  • Pay on the spot with our online bill payment feature
  • Schedule bill payments for free
  • Receive alerts when funds are low or credit limits are near


I hope one of these services can help you and please share what you use to help keep your family organized.


Schlitterbahn Waterpark and Resort – South Padre Island Review & #Giveaway #SPI #BahnLove


My family and I were gifted park tickets to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own. 

It’s the 15 year anniversary of the opening of the Schlitterbahn South Padre Island Waterpark! Isn’t that AWESOME!? It was built-in 2001, and this park is home to the Transportainment River system that is designed to maximize time in the water and eliminate lines. This river system connects eight attractions that feature rapids, chutes, and gentle currents. It really keeps the park continually moving along the river. Schlitterbahn truly believes that when you come to the beach, you should just be able to sit back and enjoy your tube ride while you tan.

To celebrate this 15th year Anniversary Schlitterbahn is waiving their venue fees for Quincaneras this year! Amazing right!?


In honor of the 15th anniversary we took a trip to Schlitterbahn in South Padre Island to experience it ourselves. And lucky for us this trip landed on our sweet Sadie’s 7th Birthday. It was a surprise trip for the kids and they LOVED it!


I have learned so much experiencing it first hand. I can’t wait to share all my tips and tricks to help you and your family have the best experience possible.

I love saving money, on everything and a trip to a water park can be pricey or you can choose to be frugal. Click here to see ticket pricing. And if you had your first day in the park and decide maybe a second is worth it-because there is so much more you want to do take advantage of the added savings! Whenever you have the receipt or the wristband, the prices are $27.99 for an adult and $22 for a child.

Get a group together to get the group rate. This requires a group of 15 or more.

Be sure to check the weather for the day you are going. Also check the park calendar (online or by calling) and make sure there is no big event happening on that day or it will be super crowded and lines will be longer than normal. Click here for dress code.

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Plan to arrive early at least 30 minutes before the park opens (10 am here at SPI), for good parking and a good spot to picnic. There are many great free places around the park to picnic. When you first walk in there are umbrella tables. Towards the back there are wooden picnic tables under the palm trees. And if you have little ones a table with shade by Sand Castle Cove or the Lily Pad is a must! Also when planning on being there all day don’t be afraid to let your little ones nap. A quite break will energize them for more happy play later.


Sand Castle Cove


The back of park where the picnic tables are located.

Don’t forget sun hats, towels, and cheap sunglasses it is really bright. I wear prescription glasses and almost lost them a few times from overhead spraying so secure them with a cord.

Of course at a water park you need sunscreen but you also need to apply it at home to give it time to fully dry  before hitting the water. Lesson learned the hard way we all are a little sun burned. Another tip is to get the kids long sleeve water shirts trust me if you don’t want to track them down to reapply sunscreen and let it dry they need these! Also make sure to have water shoes the cement does get really hot. 

Another thing we did to save money was pack our lunch, water, and drinks. YES! You can bring in food and drinks. No glass or alcohol. We packed two ice chests one with drinks and the other with food. They both fit perfectly in our wagon to make walking from the parking lot with little ones easier.

Check out my Pinterest board for packing if you don’t want to stick to simple sandwiches. The pepperoni pasta salad is a kids pleaser. Next time I will individually package everyone’s portions so it is just easier when we are at the park. Don’t worry there are plenty of trash cans. Next time I might even wrap some ribs in foil the sun will keep them warm while we play! Click here to find more great packing tips from the Schlitterbahn blog.


We actually brought in cupcakes, balloons, and a pretty plastic tablecloth since it was Sadie’s Birthday. It was really cute and I really recommend a tablecloth. The cupcakes melted in the heat-that was a bad idea.


One of the cooler cabanas!

You can also choose to head to the park without a worry over arriving early for a shaded area by renting a cabana and leave the ice chest at home because you can get catering straight to your cabana. Another dinning option especially for teens is giving them splash cash. Here are some of the dinning options and prices you will find in the park.

The restrooms are located at the front of the park along with a shower area. There is also a small two stall restroom on Cabana Island.


This park is known for Rio Adventura, the parks river transportation system from this river you can access the Storm Chaser, Sea Blaster, Pirate’s Plunge, Agua Blanca Tube Chute, and Gale Force. All from your inner tube! They even offer double tubes, and double tubes with a hole on one side and a seat for smaller children on the other.


We all enjoyed riding on the tubes in Rio Adventura. It took a while to find two tubes with seats for Ezra and Dad and Sadie and Caydence, but once we did we just floated around the whole park 4 times, which took up most of our morning. They loved it so much! At first I was little terrified for the girls to go alone, but me being on a single tube made it easier to paddle towards them.


One of our favorite rides!


Ezra’s favorite area!

Squid Row has the softest flooring and was the best place for Ezra while he was warming up to the park.


The girls enjoyed it too!

  Click here to see all the attractions Schlitterbahn South Padre Island has to offer.

See the park map here to help you plan.

By the time we were done the little ones were due for a nap and Sadie was super energized then fell fast asleep on the drive back home. We had a wonderful, fun-filled day or in Sadie’s words, “It was the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!”


I hope this post inspires you to plan a Schlitteriffic Day for your family!

Click here to enter to WIN 2 TICKETS to SCHLITTERBAHN SPI



Hello….blogging world!


I have been out of the blogging world for a minute or two but I am back. In the last three years we have been in three different states and five different homes. We have finally found a place to call home, in sunny south Texas and bought a home!

I have a few different post coming one is a Purex post on their new Bluebonnet laundry detergent!

Another is about the 15 year anniversary of the opening of the Schlitterbahn South Padre Island Waterpark.

A few about the Girl Scout Organization and how much fun my daughters are having with the program.

We are also working on the house and fixing up our backyard so I will have a few of those post to share too!

I can’t wait to get started blogging again, talk to you all soon.

Thank you all for your continued support and interest in my blog.


Building the perfect pillow fort with Pop Secret #PopSecertForts

Today’s post is sponsored by Pop Secret, but my love for their popcorn is all my own!

Pop Secret #PopSecretFort

Popcorn in our house is synonyms with fun! We have popcorn on movie night every Friday! Of course there is a huge mess to clean up afterwards, but the memories and fun make it all worth it!

Pop Secret #PopSecretForts

That innocent looking little boy to the left well he thinks he is Micheal Jordan! He has to have the bag and no one else can touch it! This also makes him the refill guy, but he isn’t your average refill guy-oh no-in true Micheal Jordan fashion he must toss the popcorn into his sister’s bowls.

Tonight we made movie night even more special, we crafted a pillow fort! We had so much fun making this fort! Now to have the perfect pillow fort you must lay a blanket down first Sadie said because then all you have to do is pick up the blanket and the mess is gone, then pillows which mini Mike loved throwing off the bed, then you need a roof according to Caydence all great pillow forts have a roof in case it rains….Popcorn!


We really enjoyed our Pop Secret Popcorn and pillow fort and hope you spend sometime creating your own with your family. Pop Secret knows that fun, like popcorn, is better when it’s shared. Send Pop Secret your pillow fort stories and pictures on Facebook. You can upload them right to the Pop Secret timeline and tag them #PopSecretForts. They might just share a little something back!”

Be sure to download your $1 off coupon for your #PopSecretForts snack to enjoy with your kids for your very own movie night!

Huge Thanksgiving Round-up

Huge Thanksgiving Round-up

Hello it’s been a while since I have written a post other than a review or giveaway post and feel a bit behind in Thanksgiving decor, crafts, and foods. Here is what I have been looking at and hope if you are as behind as me this Thanksgiving it will help you out! I am wishing you a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving with your family.

thanksgiving3I am in love with these Indian corn decor ideas! The wreath comes from the Stone Gable Blog.


 Honey We’re Home really makes this look so easy and so beautiful!


Moritz Fine Designs has linked to all these easy diy decor ideas you can get done quickly!
thanksgiving10  This centerpiece idea comes from Country Living and I just love it! I know the kids would love to help collect the stick and we could reuse and old can then add dollar store flower in beautiful fall colors! thanksgiving13 The Frugal Homemaker has an awesome collection of banner to decor for a fun and festive holiday.


Bombshell Bling has gathered up a great collection of easy printable to pop into a frame for the holiday! 
thanksgiving14 I love this from the Brassy Apple she even has a picture of her own.


These fun ideas for kids treats come from the Girls Life Blog

I love these they are so cute and easy! From wonderful

thanksgiving7 Fun crafts from Classy Clutter to keep the little ones busy while the great meal is cooking.


Our Goodwin Journey has this fun activity we did last year and the kids just loved it.

Hope you found something to add to your Thanksgiving festivities. If you have a great ideas please share in the comments below! I would love to hear your family traditions.

Fun at Funtasticks Family Fun Park



If you are anywhere near Tucson, AZ you have to head over to Funtasticks Family Fun Park. Funtasticks has fun for all ages! They have an arcade with tons of new and exciting games for all ages. They have Go-Karts for both older and younger children as well as parents. Rey and I had a blast racing the older kids while taking turns playing with the younger ones in Kiddie Land. They have Bumper Boats with squirt guns for older children. They also offer batting cages from slow to fast pitch. Awesome Laser Tag that we could not get our oldest child to leave, I swear he played over 4 rounds. In Kiddie Land they have the Crazy Taxi Ride, Kiddie Roller Coaster, Dragon Ride, and a Jumping Castle. They also offer Put Put Golf with 24 holes different holes with fun surprises. Everyone is sure to enjoy a little getaway filled with tons fun and great memories.

Check out our family fun at Funtasticks below.


 They loved the Kiddie Land Rides! Plus no long lines to wait in, and they were able to ride more than once.

FunatFuntasticksThe Dragon ride was so fun for them because they figured out they could control the Dragon by moving the joystick up and down.


 They have classic arcade games and the hottest new arcade games!


 Doodle jump and fruit ninja! As you can see our girls just loved them. FunatFuntasticks1

 And the beloved Deal or Do Deal game. Cay almost won the jack-pot she was so close!


They have this handy little height requirement chart inside so you can see which rides your children are able to ride. They also have this coin operated horse located outside for the little ones.

FunatFuntasticks2The Pit Stop, their snack bar, offers a wide variety of treats for your hungry little mouths. Our favorite was the cheesy pepperoni pizza and the Icees. They also offer tokens for good grades and when our kids learned this they all pledge they would be back with all A’s and B’s. We actually just received report cards and the first thing they said was, “Yes, now we can go back to Funtasticks! “
FunatFuntasticks4  Put Put Golf which was so much fun! We didn’t make all 24 holes, but that is the great thing the course is so open you can easily abort when the little ones get tired.


Funtasticks' Prices

Funtasticks is a fun getaway from your everyday routine or a great place to celebrate an accomplishment. They also offer Birthday party packages, and our older two are already planning their Funtasticks Birthday’s.

Funtasticks also offers a group rate for groups of 10 or more, and they are a great way to help raise money for your organization with the funnest way to do fundraising in town!

You can follow them on Facebook for all the latest promotions and deals or join the V.I.P. Mobile Club and get all the deals and special sent directly to you. Text PLAY to 63975.

A Mom’s Review of Legoland, California


Legoland, California was our first Family Vacation and boy was it a memorable one! We absolutely loved it! Before we even left California we were already planning the next trip back. I would like to share what I learned at Legoland that I wish I knew before we went and I hope it will make planning your trip easier.

  • Parking cost $15 per car and preferred parking is $25
  • Arrive before park opens (15-20 mins before to unload and make sure you have what you need and to give you time to walk to the entrance), and start at the back of the park (Pirate Reef).
  • You can pick up a 1st time at Legoland pin from the ticket booth.
  • Stop by Guest Services to pick up an identification wristband for your child and don’t forget to apply your SafetyTat before your outing.
  • Hit the gift shop early to avoid lines and they will hold your purchase for you until closing.
  • Stroller rentals are $11 for a single and $15 for a double. Click here to see them.
  • They do have a parent swap policy that allows you to swap out parents. For example you have one child who cannot ride because they are too small. All of the family stands in line, then when boarding one parent gets on with the older child whom can ride while one parent waits with younger child at the front of the line. When the ride is over the parents switch. Older child gets to ride twice, younger child has to wait twice as long.
  • Cabana’s in the water parks are available to rent. In the Legoland water park prices start $130 and in  the Chima water park they start at $150. Click here for more info.
  • Minifigure Trading-Kids can bring their complete mini Lego figure(s) and trade them with Legoland staff. Click here for more in for on trading.

Click here to get a height requirement map.

Click here to find all the great areas for children under 2.

Click here for shows and events.

Food in Legoland

You can find this eatery in the Legoland waterpark. We really enjoyed this pizza-it was hot and fresh. We also enjoyed their fresh fruit cups, and rice krispy treats. Make sure you have a great hand sanitizer on hand like Mother’s Therapy Organics.


We took advantage of this money-saving offer as you could imagine, these offers really help. We ate at the Pizza & Pasta Buffet mostly because it was a buffet. It was really good and they kept the buffet well stocked during peak hours. They also have a variety of pastas, and a salad bar.

Legoland Snacks and Drink Prices

There were a few snack stands around the park and this a picture I took so you could get an idea of the prices. I wish we would have pack more water bottles because the price of water was crazy! They also had this soda offer in the water park which might be a good deal if you plan on staying in the water park all day.

Legoland RestroomsRestrooms are always a big deal because we have little ones we need to visit them often. All of their restrooms were really nice-always clean and they have family restrooms. I love family restrooms because they are easy for a family to use. Much bigger and they have a changing table. All their restrooms were stocked with feminine products for emergencies.

Legoland Rides

A few of the rides we enjoyed. Pirate Reef was a lot of fun but prepare to get soaked! The Driving School was the most anticipated ride of the day! When they finally got to it you could just see the thrill in their faces!

Marina Legoland

The Miniland Marina was a fun little attraction along the way. You have to pay $1.00 to be able to sail a boat around the marina. (I can’t remember for the life of me if it only took quarters of not so be prepared just in case.)

Miniland Legoland


They had awesome replicas of Las Vegas, New York, and San Francisco.

StarWars in Legoland

Star Wars Miniland was also a fun walk through activity to see all the replicas in such detail.

Activities in Legoland

They also had a few fun shows, carnival type pay to play games, and tons of free play areas.

Legoland Photo Ops

There were tons of great photo opportunities so make sure to have your camera fully charged.

Legoland's Waterpark

A word of advice wear swimsuits under and bring dry clothes if you plan on doing both the water park and theme park or you will have to deal with chaffing and rashes. Not fun!

Legoland Waterpark

There was so much to do for older and smaller children in the water park. We all enjoyed it well all except for Ezra-he has a love-hate relationship with water and if it ain’t in a tub, he ain’t loving it. There were big slides and little slides, tube slides, build-a-raft river, a play area splash pad area, private cabanas, and lines of chairs to sit.

Legoland Ledgends of Chima Waterpark

The Chima Water Park was also a lot of fun! The Lion Temple Wave Pool was one of the favorite activities of the day. It was warmer water then the rest of the water park and very relaxing. The sandy white beach across from the wave pool was Sadie’s favorite place to play and my favorite place to relax.

Our trip is one that we will remember for years to come and cherish.  I hope this information helps you plan your perfect trip to Legoland!

Thanks for stopping by and reading.