Flashback Friday

Today I wanted to share something fun with you all. Remember when I was on my Ebay kick and went Barbie crazy? Well I found so many old Barbie toys from my childhood and other great toys. I want to share them with you all and see if you remember any of these.

I would seriously lock myself in the playroom at my grandma’s house and play Barbies ALL DAY LONG! Am I a weirdo? Did anyone else pretend play solo? I remember my sister would never want to play Barbies with me because I had to control the story line-the control freak in me started young!

$_57 Screenshot_2014-06-21-23-26-34 Screenshot_2014-06-21-23-32-29 Screenshot_2014-06-21-23-36-27 Screenshot_2014-06-21-23-38-29 Screenshot_2014-06-21-23-40-03 Screenshot_2014-06-21-23-40-20 Screenshot_2014-06-21-23-40-39

Polly Pockets

My Grandma bought me a huge collection of these at a garage sale and I just fell in love with them! I would get a big old wooden chalk board and draw a town and place each Polly Pocket house in its place. I would make roads and use my brothers matchbox convertible cars as Polly Pocket cars. The good old days when life was all about play.

Screenshot_2014-06-21-23-45-12Screenshot_2014-06-21-23-45-51Screenshot_2014-06-21-23-47-27Screenshot_2014-06-21-23-50-00Screenshot_2014-06-21-23-50-46Screenshot_2014-06-21-23-21-52 Screenshot_2014-06-21-23-25-59Screenshot_2014-06-21-23-21-52

Fashion Plates

I could design for hours with this toy!


What toys do you remember from your childhood?

DIY School Spirit Jewelry from House of Gems

 Disclosure: I was sent products to facilitate my review. DIY School Spirit Jewelry from House of Gems

I recently found House of Gems and I am so excited because I was just talking to the girls about making them school spirit jewelry for their assemblies. The class with the most school spirit gets the spirit stick and wins extra playtime-pretty important stuff! As I browsed their site for the perfect beads I was so entranced by the variety of all the pretty sparkling beads! There are so many to choose from they really have something to fit everybody’s style. I picked the acrylic beads and the pave beads! They came in so many colors and they were the brightest and sparkiest-perfect for showing off school spirit.

House of Gems Review

I love that they came nicely sorted and were ready to use! I picked the stretchy string in black for our stringing material because I felt it offered the best durability and flexibility. The day the box arrived we had to get to work their was just no waiting-the girls were so excited to design their own jewelry.

Here is the DIY step by step for creating a Necklace

  1. Measure the child’s head around the ears then add two extra inches for the knots.
  2. Make a knot at one end to hold the beads. Tie the knot at least 4-5 times to ensure the beads won’t slip off. With this stretchy string I found to secure the knot I had to stretch it out.
  3. Make the pattern or design of your necklace. I had the girls lay out their pattern on a rimmed plate which worked nicely.
  4. Next string your beads.
  5. After all the beads are strung tie the necklace ends together. Here is a nice tutorial to help with tying.

*To make a bracelet measure the child’s wrist and add an extra inch and a half then follow the same step for the necklace.

House of Gems School Spirit Jewelry

We used the pave tube bar as an accent on the necklaces which the girls just loved!  In the bracelets we use the pave beads as accents to add a bit more sparkle.

DIY Jewelry

They are so proud of their designs and ready for spirit day! Thank you so much to House of Gems for your awesome beads and strechy string!

If you would like to learn more about House of Gems you can connect with them via:

Website: http://www.houseofgems.com/
Blog: http://blogs.houseofgems.com/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/houseofgemsusa
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/houseofgemsusa
Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/houseofgemssm
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/houseofgemsonline


Fun at Funtasticks Family Fun Park



If you are anywhere near Tucson, AZ you have to head over to Funtasticks Family Fun Park. Funtasticks has fun for all ages! They have an arcade with tons of new and exciting games for all ages. They have Go-Karts for both older and younger children as well as parents. Rey and I had a blast racing the older kids while taking turns playing with the younger ones in Kiddie Land. They have Bumper Boats with squirt guns for older children. They also offer batting cages from slow to fast pitch. Awesome Laser Tag that we could not get our oldest child to leave, I swear he played over 4 rounds. In Kiddie Land they have the Crazy Taxi Ride, Kiddie Roller Coaster, Dragon Ride, and a Jumping Castle. They also offer Put Put Golf with 24 holes different holes with fun surprises. Everyone is sure to enjoy a little getaway filled with tons fun and great memories.

Check out our family fun at Funtasticks below.


 They loved the Kiddie Land Rides! Plus no long lines to wait in, and they were able to ride more than once.

FunatFuntasticksThe Dragon ride was so fun for them because they figured out they could control the Dragon by moving the joystick up and down.


 They have classic arcade games and the hottest new arcade games!


 Doodle jump and fruit ninja! As you can see our girls just loved them. FunatFuntasticks1

 And the beloved Deal or Do Deal game. Cay almost won the jack-pot she was so close!


They have this handy little height requirement chart inside so you can see which rides your children are able to ride. They also have this coin operated horse located outside for the little ones.

FunatFuntasticks2The Pit Stop, their snack bar, offers a wide variety of treats for your hungry little mouths. Our favorite was the cheesy pepperoni pizza and the Icees. They also offer tokens for good grades and when our kids learned this they all pledge they would be back with all A’s and B’s. We actually just received report cards and the first thing they said was, “Yes, now we can go back to Funtasticks! “
FunatFuntasticks4  Put Put Golf which was so much fun! We didn’t make all 24 holes, but that is the great thing the course is so open you can easily abort when the little ones get tired.


Funtasticks' Prices

Funtasticks is a fun getaway from your everyday routine or a great place to celebrate an accomplishment. They also offer Birthday party packages, and our older two are already planning their Funtasticks Birthday’s.

Funtasticks also offers a group rate for groups of 10 or more, and they are a great way to help raise money for your organization with the funnest way to do fundraising in town!

You can follow them on Facebook for all the latest promotions and deals or join the V.I.P. Mobile Club and get all the deals and special sent directly to you. Text PLAY to 63975.

A Mom’s Review of Legoland, California


Legoland, California was our first Family Vacation and boy was it a memorable one! We absolutely loved it! Before we even left California we were already planning the next trip back. I would like to share what I learned at Legoland that I wish I knew before we went and I hope it will make planning your trip easier.

  • Parking cost $15 per car and preferred parking is $25
  • Arrive before park opens (15-20 mins before to unload and make sure you have what you need and to give you time to walk to the entrance), and start at the back of the park (Pirate Reef).
  • You can pick up a 1st time at Legoland pin from the ticket booth.
  • Stop by Guest Services to pick up an identification wristband for your child and don’t forget to apply your SafetyTat before your outing.
  • Hit the gift shop early to avoid lines and they will hold your purchase for you until closing.
  • Stroller rentals are $11 for a single and $15 for a double. Click here to see them.
  • They do have a parent swap policy that allows you to swap out parents. For example you have one child who cannot ride because they are too small. All of the family stands in line, then when boarding one parent gets on with the older child whom can ride while one parent waits with younger child at the front of the line. When the ride is over the parents switch. Older child gets to ride twice, younger child has to wait twice as long.
  • Cabana’s in the water parks are available to rent. In the Legoland water park prices start $130 and in  the Chima water park they start at $150. Click here for more info.
  • Minifigure Trading-Kids can bring their complete mini Lego figure(s) and trade them with Legoland staff. Click here for more in for on trading.

Click here to get a height requirement map.

Click here to find all the great areas for children under 2.

Click here for shows and events.

Food in Legoland

You can find this eatery in the Legoland waterpark. We really enjoyed this pizza-it was hot and fresh. We also enjoyed their fresh fruit cups, and rice krispy treats. Make sure you have a great hand sanitizer on hand like Mother’s Therapy Organics.


We took advantage of this money-saving offer as you could imagine, these offers really help. We ate at the Pizza & Pasta Buffet mostly because it was a buffet. It was really good and they kept the buffet well stocked during peak hours. They also have a variety of pastas, and a salad bar.

Legoland Snacks and Drink Prices

There were a few snack stands around the park and this a picture I took so you could get an idea of the prices. I wish we would have pack more water bottles because the price of water was crazy! They also had this soda offer in the water park which might be a good deal if you plan on staying in the water park all day.

Legoland RestroomsRestrooms are always a big deal because we have little ones we need to visit them often. All of their restrooms were really nice-always clean and they have family restrooms. I love family restrooms because they are easy for a family to use. Much bigger and they have a changing table. All their restrooms were stocked with feminine products for emergencies.

Legoland Rides

A few of the rides we enjoyed. Pirate Reef was a lot of fun but prepare to get soaked! The Driving School was the most anticipated ride of the day! When they finally got to it you could just see the thrill in their faces!

Marina Legoland

The Miniland Marina was a fun little attraction along the way. You have to pay $1.00 to be able to sail a boat around the marina. (I can’t remember for the life of me if it only took quarters of not so be prepared just in case.)

Miniland Legoland


They had awesome replicas of Las Vegas, New York, and San Francisco.

StarWars in Legoland

Star Wars Miniland was also a fun walk through activity to see all the replicas in such detail.

Activities in Legoland

They also had a few fun shows, carnival type pay to play games, and tons of free play areas.

Legoland Photo Ops

There were tons of great photo opportunities so make sure to have your camera fully charged.

Legoland's Waterpark

A word of advice wear swimsuits under and bring dry clothes if you plan on doing both the water park and theme park or you will have to deal with chaffing and rashes. Not fun!

Legoland Waterpark

There was so much to do for older and smaller children in the water park. We all enjoyed it well all except for Ezra-he has a love-hate relationship with water and if it ain’t in a tub, he ain’t loving it. There were big slides and little slides, tube slides, build-a-raft river, a play area splash pad area, private cabanas, and lines of chairs to sit.

Legoland Ledgends of Chima Waterpark

The Chima Water Park was also a lot of fun! The Lion Temple Wave Pool was one of the favorite activities of the day. It was warmer water then the rest of the water park and very relaxing. The sandy white beach across from the wave pool was Sadie’s favorite place to play and my favorite place to relax.

Our trip is one that we will remember for years to come and cherish.  I hope this information helps you plan your perfect trip to Legoland!

Thanks for stopping by and reading.

Peaceable Kingdom’s Say the Word Game Review

Peaceable Kingdom Say the Word Game1

  Have you heard of Peaceable Kingdom? They are a great company that makes fun games, awesome Birthday cards, stickers, and dairies! You can find them at www.peaceablekingdom.com. I recently won a board game called Say the Word via a contest on Peaceable Kingdom’s Facebook Page and the kids were so happy when it arrived! We played it that night and loved it!

Peaceable Kingdom Say the Word Game

The game goes like this: One person is the story master and writes down all the words used to make up the story. The other people playing are the ones who choose a word card, and either repeat what has been said previously in the story and add another sentence using the word on the word card or start the story using the word on the word card! Needless to say the kiddos will come up with crazy sentences make a super silly story that they will laugh at all day!

Peaceable Kingdom Say the Word Game 1     Great Game they have created here because every one works together to create the story and you can give one clue if someone needs it. Peaceable Kingdom also has this amazing program and if you loose a piece they will replace it! How great is that!?! Kids are bound to lose something and now when they do the whole game isn’t ruined because you can just call and they will replace it to insure years of fun to come!



One last GREAT THING about Peaceable Kingdom they send your child mail on their birthday! A cute HAND WRITTEN-super special birthday card and their is usually surprise stickers inside! Click here to sign your child up for the birthday program so they too can receive a special card in the mail!


Ways to celebrate Earth Day with your Family

Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with your Family

Ever since I can remember my family has been a rather “green” family, my grandmother would recycle and reuse EVERYTHING! That empty tub of butter “Wait! Mija, Don’t throw it! I can use it for my plants!” Funny thing is though for her it wasn’t about being green it was a way of life to use what you had and make the most of it. 🙂 Needless to say she is very near and dear to my heart and has taught me well over the years. As a child I remember going to the mountains to pick pinons, roaming the hills for arrowheads, and helping tend to the garden and pecan trees. I have a love for this earth, and it started in my childhood. I wish to instill these same values and beliefs in my children.

Here are a few ideas I hope you can use to help you and your family celebrate Earth Day!

What’s a celebration without a sweet treat? These are both super cute, easy, and fun!


Click here to see Tidy Mom’s recipe and break down on how to create these adorable cookies!

Earth Day Cookies

Click here to get Tammilee’s Tips on how to create these simple but stunning cookies!

Watch a movie or read a book about the earth!

Here are a few great movie options:



Or head over to your local library and check out a few of these great books!


It’s Earth Day! by Mercer Mayer

The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

What If Everybody Did That by Colleen Madden

Biscuit’s Earth Day Celebration by Alyssa Capucilli

Michael Recycle by Ellie Bethel

The Earth Book by Todd Parr

After learning all about the Earth show what you know with this great printable!

Helpful and Hurtful

Charlotte’s Clips on Teacher’s pay Teachers has this great printable click here to get it!

Or try this kids friendly art project.


Mrs. Jones’s Kindergarten has this great idea for making a promise to the Earth on Earth Day.

Last since Earth Day falls on a Tuesday night this year there may not be time with the regular hustle of the week to get outdoors maybe take a walk after dinner and talk about where you live, what’s great about it, what animals and plants are found in your climate. Or plan a trip to your nearest national park and explore the outdoors!

Interactive Nature Walk Ideas

How We Learn has some amazing ideas for an interactive walk or day outside for your family! Click here to read them ALL!


Wishing you and your family a great Earth Day and many more beautiful Earth Days to come! 🙂

Easter is a few days away! Are you ready?

 Here are a few things I am planning! Share what your planning below!


Thank you Mess for Less for this great idea! Click here to check out other great ideas!

Really cool idea, I think the kids will love it!

Carrot Dough!

Made to be a Momma brings us this recipe. Click here to see it and more of her genius ideas!

I like this because it can go in the eggs and then they get less candy!

Easter Cookies

Simply Susannes is simply brilliant! Click here to see how she created these adorable cookies!

So CUTE! Love them!


Great idea from Better Homes and Gardens!

Use a glue stick or glue dots to make these then roll in glitter.

whisk eggs

Click here to go to StockpilingMoms.com and see her other great ideas!

Genius idea!


Click here to get the instructions from Premeditated Leftovers!

These are a little time consuming, but so worth it! They remind me of my grandma-awe now I miss her and I am sad we won’t be traveling to see her! 😦

Easte Centerpiece

I made this center piece using the vase I got for my birthday, dollar store ribbon, eggs, grass, and foam glittered butterflies.

Share what ideas your cooking, or creating for Easter!

Our show your #DisneySide Update Planning Ideas!

I have set a date for the show your #DisneySide Celebration & I am so excited!

I am in planning mode and I am brainstorming ideas on pinterest, of course, my favorite planning tool!

My theme is Disney’s one & only MICKEY!

Here are some of the ideas I am liking for our show your #Disneyside Party:



#Disneyside1 #Disneyside3 #Disneyside6







Games & Activities:



Ezra’s Little Man Mustache Bash


Our bash went down on a rainy Saturday, but we all still really enjoyed celebrating our little man’s first birthday!

Here is all the decor and food pictures I was able to take right before everyone arrived!


Double stick tape is my secret to headache proof decor!



I made the cake with a regular cake mix and used brownies to punch out the little mustaches.


We served mini cheeseburgers, chips, and juices. We also had the Bacon Cheeseburger Salad pictured above which was so good! Then topped it all off with more sweet treats (no spread sugar cookies, marshmallow pops, and candy coated pretzels). Last, but not least candy bags of course packed with clearance V-day candy!



He was loving that cookie! 🙂



Happy Baby, Happy Momma! It was a great day! 🙂


Thanks for joining us and reading along! 🙂 Have a great day!

For more information on how to plan your own bash see my Planning a Little Man Mustache Bash post!

Planning a Little Man Mustache Bash


For Ezra’s first birthday I decided to do a Little Man Mustache Bash!

Here are all the online tools, diy decor, and ideas that I used for my party!


I used these free printables to add color to my party! Click the picture to access them.

I also created these cute little signs for the party!


I printed out the signs I wanted, then trimmed them down. I used double stick tape to adhere them onto the colored card stock.

If you would like to use these signs click any one of the pictures below to get my printable link.




Here is the photo booth that I created!


The frame came from Hobby Lobby and the fabric from Jo-Ann’s (both on clearance!). My mom purchased these props for us, but you can easily print some onto card stock and adhere them to sticks. The jar I used to hold them is an old mason jar that I stuffed with tissue paper then I put on mustache stickers.

Here are the utensil holders , thank you boxes, candy bags, and the prize jars I created!


The top right are the utensil holders which are made from old mason jars like the prop holder.The middle right picture are the thank you boxes I made which have cute little mustache whistlers, both from Hobby Lobby. The bottom right are the candy bags which are also from Hobby Lobby. The left picture are the prize jars for the games we will be playing. These are made from old spaghetti sauce jars and decorated with duck tape.

These are the t-shirts I made and found for the kiddos to wear for the party!


The two shirt on the left I was able to make fairly easily with downloading the fonts I wanted, creating the message and then uploading it onto the Avery.com software and printing it. The two shirts on the right I found on clearance! SCORE!

I used this product to make my shirts.


I will write another post with all the party pics, soon! Thanks for following along! Enjoy your day! 🙂

To see how it all turned out click here!