A New Way to Party – Personalized Plates from Birthday Express!

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Birthday Express Personalized Plates

Birthday Express has done it again with their newest arrival, personalized plates! You can now upload any photo you would like and design a customized party plate for any occasion, from birthdays to graduations, anniversaries to everyday gatherings. These plates will take your party from good to great, by adding a personal touch never before seen!

At just $9.99 per set of 8 plates, this is a fun and affordable way to bring life to your party, quite literally! Check out the personalized plates I created of Cay! I know she will LOVE these!!

personalized plates

Don’t forget to check out other personalized party supplies like party banners, centerpieces, and invitations at BirthdayExpress.com!


Ezra’s Little Man Mustache Bash


Our bash went down on a rainy Saturday, but we all still really enjoyed celebrating our little man’s first birthday!

Here is all the decor and food pictures I was able to take right before everyone arrived!


Double stick tape is my secret to headache proof decor!



I made the cake with a regular cake mix and used brownies to punch out the little mustaches.


We served mini cheeseburgers, chips, and juices. We also had the Bacon Cheeseburger Salad pictured above which was so good! Then topped it all off with more sweet treats (no spread sugar cookies, marshmallow pops, and candy coated pretzels). Last, but not least candy bags of course packed with clearance V-day candy!



He was loving that cookie! 🙂



Happy Baby, Happy Momma! It was a great day! 🙂


Thanks for joining us and reading along! 🙂 Have a great day!

For more information on how to plan your own bash see my Planning a Little Man Mustache Bash post!

Planning a Little Man Mustache Bash


For Ezra’s first birthday I decided to do a Little Man Mustache Bash!

Here are all the online tools, diy decor, and ideas that I used for my party!


I used these free printables to add color to my party! Click the picture to access them.

I also created these cute little signs for the party!


I printed out the signs I wanted, then trimmed them down. I used double stick tape to adhere them onto the colored card stock.

If you would like to use these signs click any one of the pictures below to get my printable link.




Here is the photo booth that I created!


The frame came from Hobby Lobby and the fabric from Jo-Ann’s (both on clearance!). My mom purchased these props for us, but you can easily print some onto card stock and adhere them to sticks. The jar I used to hold them is an old mason jar that I stuffed with tissue paper then I put on mustache stickers.

Here are the utensil holders , thank you boxes, candy bags, and the prize jars I created!


The top right are the utensil holders which are made from old mason jars like the prop holder.The middle right picture are the thank you boxes I made which have cute little mustache whistlers, both from Hobby Lobby. The bottom right are the candy bags which are also from Hobby Lobby. The left picture are the prize jars for the games we will be playing. These are made from old spaghetti sauce jars and decorated with duck tape.

These are the t-shirts I made and found for the kiddos to wear for the party!


The two shirt on the left I was able to make fairly easily with downloading the fonts I wanted, creating the message and then uploading it onto the Avery.com software and printing it. The two shirts on the right I found on clearance! SCORE!

I used this product to make my shirts.


I will write another post with all the party pics, soon! Thanks for following along! Enjoy your day! 🙂

To see how it all turned out click here!

Making Birthdays Special with Birthday Traditions


    I try to make birthdays a big deal because we have 5 kids and to focus on one for a day is kind of a special thing. I let them pick out the Birthday Party Theme, some games, and what dessert they want. I D.I.Y. like crazy the games and decor then I invite all the family and have fun celebrating the child’s birthday.

      I really want to start something more personal for each child and I came across lots of great ideas online which I am going to share with you today. From now on this is what I am doing and I hope they feel special and know how much I love them.

First I am going to start a birthday countdown for each child and I love this Birthday Countdown Clipboard!


Decorate the house and their room on their actual birthday even if its not their party day-IT IS STILL THEIR SPECIAL DAY!

This idea came from 2 Moms and a Blog.


Leave some hidden surprises! Maybe even in their backpack, jacket, and lunchbox too!

This idea came from the wonderful Hendrix Family’s blog House of Hendrix.


I will make sure they have a special Birthday outfit! Like this cute D.I.Y. No Sew Tutu!


Serve them Funfetti Pancakes for breakfast on the special birthday plate!

Candle, glaze, sprinkles and ALL! 🙂

(I ordered one from the kids school fundraiser magazine)


Then conduct the Birthday Interview I found at Layers of Learning, maybe over breakfast or before dinner.

Great for looking back on later and seeing how it has changed over the years!



Then I am going to put that interview along with the Birthday Party pictures in this binder for safe keeping!

I also want to add a handwritten note from Dad and I telling them what they are like, their interests, cute/unique things about them, and how much they mean to us!

Read all about The Creative Homemakers Birthday Binder ideas when you click the link!


Drive them to school or the bus stop or just around town with this message on the car! 🙂

They will love to count how many honks they get!

This idea also came from the wonderful Hendrix Family’s blog The House of Hendrix.


Last we are going to read their books as a family and then everyone will get to share why they love having the Birthday child in our family.

I am also going to tell them Happy Birthday every time I see them-ALL-DAYLONG!

Plus I am going to make sure to give them lots of extra hugs and kisses!

What are some special traditions your family has for birthdays? Please share!

No Sew Tutu


This tutu took me a couple of days to make because I could not get 3-4 hours without an interruption in my house but it could easily be done in a few hours.

What you will need and what it should cost (my size was girls medium).

  • Tulle I used 3 yards of each color. Total yards was 12 yards. (Plus plenty left over for a headband) Walmart $0.97-$1.99/JoAnns/Hobby Lobby (These stores often have 50% off one item if you can get your hands on one and a cut of fabric will count but otherwise regular price is $1.99 colored and $5.99 Glitter)
  • 2 Headbands with holes $2 Dollar Store (If you would like the matching tulle headband grab another one.)
  • Sharp Sewing Scissors $6


  1. If you’re making one for a toddler just use one headband and if you’re making one for an older girl you will have to use two. I cut them and then use some black tulle to lace and tie them together-according to the child’s size of course.
  2. Next you will have to cut your tulle into strips. I experimented and trust me if you’re like me then you’re thinking I will just folded it over and cut like paper-simple right! WRONG! Tulle is a hard fabric to work with and is really hard to cut. Only work with one-two folds at a time or it will get difficult to cut. Keep cutting until you have strips the size and width you want. You can see what I decided upon above in the third picture.
  3. Next you have to get a color pattern going for consistency you can see mine in the third picture.
  4. Next you take your headband and began tying the strips onto the headband. In the tying process I also used a pattern as you can see in the last picture I skipped one hole. Depending on the length you want you can pull the tulle half way threw and then tie in the middle or just tie the tulle from one end onto the headband.
  5. Last you may need to trim some of the pieces-or it could just be me and my perfection habits.


To make the headband just cut about five inch strips and layer the colors on top of each other. I used three sets of the layered tulle. Then just weave them through the headband twice and fan them out a little. Last I used the clips to add the Lalaloopsy character.

****Hint****: When working with glitter tulle know that it will stretch out so you will need to trim it after the tutu is done and cut it a little wider.