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Welcome to my gift guide! I am so happy you are here! These are my picks from the reviews I have done as well as some companies I have recently pitched to and fell in love with. Click each image to be taken to the review page. I hope you enjoy and get some great ideas for gifts this holiday season. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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The Amazing Zhus Review #TheAmazingZhus #Sponsored

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The Amazing Zhus ReviewDo you recall the Zhu Zhu pet craze a while back well they are back this year and better than ever with the Amazing Zhus!  When I learned we were going to review these cool toys I think I was more excited than the kids!  The night they arrived I had to put them up just so I wasn’t tempted to play with them before the kids had a chance too. When we finally were able to review them it was so much fun! We first opened Madame Zhu, and she came with a magic wand and three magicians cards. She magically follows the wand which the kids loved! She also was able to “read” the cards without seeing them and perform what the card was showing-so cool! We loved the ballerina card!

Madame Zhu Review

Next we opened the Magicians’ Shell Game which is an extra trick you can buy that goes with your Amazing Zhu pet. I loved that it comes with batteries. It was so quick and easy to learn this trick and watching Madame Zhu perform it was so much fun for the kids and me too.

The Magicians Shell Game

We saved the best stunt for last the High Dive! This toy was super quick to put together out of the box-no screw drivers needed and no batteries either. As soon as we got it together everyone wanted a turn to try it. As soon as Caydence learned how to place Madame Zhu on the track she volunteered to make the review video. Here she is!

There are 6 amazing pets available: The Great Zhu, Madame Zhu, Dynamo, Abra, Piccadilly and The Great Kardini. Which is great because then you can get each kid a different one and that will end the fights over whos is who. Unlike the Zhu Zhu pets the Amazing Zhus are not fuzzy, but they are still so adorable. They still make lots of fun noises and have 3 operation buttons and 3 modes. And if you get tired of the little Zhu running around the house making noise no worries it’s so easy to switch off! In the press of a button the noise is gone-don’t you wish your kids had that button too!? Or is it just me? Each Amazing Zhu also comes with batteries!!! So awesome-right? Countless times I have gotten my kids a gift and then forgot the batteries.

There are also many amazing accessories to help your children create their own special, unique performances: Magician Shell Game, High Dive, Circus Ball, High Wire, Disappearing Box Trick, Cereal Box, Tomato Can and Train Car Carriers. You can find all the Amazing Zhu toys at Walmart.

You can view additional videos here.

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Have you heard about The Amazing Zhus? What do you think would be your children’s favorite Amazing Zhu pet, trick or stunt?